3 Songs

Day 3 of the writing 101, yes I skipped the first 2 days and I’m technically on the 4th, but it’s still Day 3 somewhere. The three most important songs to me? Mind is drawing a blank, so I’ll talk about the three  most played songs on my phone:

3. Walk of Shame by P!nk

“One step, two steps, counting tiles on the floor…” Now, I’ve never experienced the dreaded Walk of Shame, but I can still relate to it. This is one of those songs, that makes my body think it can dance. Many a time, I’ve done a jig, while crossing the road to this song. Don’t worry I looked both ways and was careful.

2. Dance Apocalyptic by Janelle Monáe

“Bambi make her dance apocalyptic now…” Another one that makes my body think it can dance. I was fortunate enough to see her live at Brixton last month, this little lady is an energetic ball of fire, good things do come in small packages.

1. Malang by Siddharth Mahadevan & Shilpa Rao

Anybody who follows the Dhoom series, will know this as the song from the Great Indian Circus scene in Dhoom 3. If I remember correctly, this was the first song I downloaded this year, then I proceeded to listen to it a lot. Fortunately, my phone does not announce the number of plays, I’m very happy it doesn’t because I know for a fact I listened to it at least 2 hours straight, it’s 4:33 long AND I’m listening to it right now. It’s in Hindi, I don’t speak a word of it, but it made sense when I watched it at the cinema (subtitles people) and I love it. Plus, I can sing it flawlessly.


Yippie, finally wrote something for the Blogging U…



He only did one thing well…

With a single word, he enters her life. He promises her the world, its taste, its smell, its desires. With endless words and caresses, he charms her, now she wants to know… to feel…to be…more. He pulls her into his web, she is his willing prey.

With every touch, taste, nip, pull, push, lie, slap, thrust, thought he tramples her heart, moulds her into his creation. She now longs and breathes for him. With nothing left, he discards his new conquest, sitting on her chest, while she lays on his bed, for she is now his – a damsel far in distress. A dame with no name, in a game where she is game. A toy that never was his favourite, but will never know the touch of another.

She now knows nothing…only him, her purpose is to please him. Her plan is ready, the date is now, the weight she feels on her chest, will only last for a few moments more. “This is it.” she smiles as she leans back. The air is bliss, she feels his touch as she floats, her mission now complete, everything turns to black. She is forever his.

…he is The Perfect LadyKiller.


And now, the rules.  Because we said so.

  • your post must be dated October 13, 2013, or later
  • submissions must be 750 words or fewer
  • submissions must be fiction or poetry, including fictional accounts of true stories
  • your piece must start with the following line: “He only did one thing well.”
  • though your post is NOT about the media prompt above, you must make some reference to it
  • the speakeasy is designed for submissions written specifically for the grid. Please do not submit an entry if you intend to showcase it to another blog link-up. Such posts are deleted without notice and we’ll send that demon-y little fella after you.
  • please do not post explanations, qualifications or other stuff prior to the beginning of your post. If you need to clarify anything, feel free to do so briefly at the end.
  • the badge for your speakeasy #131 post is found in the sidebar. Be sure to add the code to the html view of your post before publishing

Remember, thinking outside the box is super-cool.  And writing inside the box never gets seen unless you tear it open to find the cereal coupon.  So don’t write inside that box.

It’s Time

She fills the bath, takes off her ring – she wouldn’t need it anymore. The stage is set, it’s time – she sips her water determined to end it all. “LOST – time to make sense.”


For Trifextra 77

On now to this weekend’s Trifextra challenge.  This weekend we are giving you three words and asking for you to give us back another thirty of your own, making a grand total of thirty-three words.

Your words to work with are:


Now time to clean the house, this will be fun…

My Process

Stare, Ponder…Type.


In true fashion, I didn’t really pay attention, so I wrote this initial 33 word entry [for your retention/attention. Bloody hell, I need intervention] My head’s feeling rhymey

I read I stare, sometimes I glare.

I ponder while I blunder, hoping to show off my wonder.

Then I type away.

The 5 minutes it takes to piece together my faux masterpiece.


For Trifextra 76

This weekend, we’re asking for you to sum up your own process with just three little words.  Give us dry wit, pathos or otherwise.  And remember, we like your blood on the page.

The day I actually take my time to write, I’ll probably win a Trifextra and maybe even life.



…the stroke of my pen,

…a Swype of my touchpad keyboard,

…the tippy tapping of my laptop keyboard,

another internet gangster slain. I wonder, if any remain?

Hail to my deadly fingers.


For Trifextra 75

Last weekend we gave you a super prescriptive prompt.  We also promised you we’d ease up this week.  As such, this weekend we are asking for a thirty-three word free-write.  Any topic, any style–just give us your best thirty three.


Hey, I did say I was kinda of an ass, you’ve gotta love continuity. Thanks to this excellent comment. It was the first thing I read this morning, a mere minute after I woke up – after laughing for 5 minutes, I said “Challenge Accepted.” Yes, I know I went a bit OTT with the Google search, but my assiness wouldn’t let it slide…

EDIT: Happy 280th post!


My third and last chance, possible victory in sight, but alas I wouldn’t let it be. An end to all I know approaches, an uncertain calm soothes me, I’m going to be alright.


This weekend we’re asking for 33 of your own words inspired by the idiom, third time’s the charm.  This familiar phrase may have an indeterminate origin, but its meaning is clear.  Whether or not you include the phrase itself is up to you.  Just make sure to use exactly 33 words.  And, as usual, have fun with it!
Life sure has a sense of humour…

Daily Prompt: Bookworm| Thief of Thieves

The last book I read was Artemis Fowl & The Last Guardian, in fact I even had an adventure with it, I was stranded in London ’cause of the floods on my return journey back to Plymouth. The 3.5 hour journey took over 7 hours to complete…all I know, I finally woke at Plymouth train station at 8am…after we were stuck at the station in Exeter St. Davids for over 3 hours…

But, as I type, I realise that’s incorrect. That was the last hardback book I’ve read… The last book I read was Thief of Thieves, Volume 2: “Help Me”.

I recommend the you read this brilliant comic series. I discovered it in my local comic book shop, Final Frontier, where it was recommended to me by Sam…yes I remembered his name! Obviously, he recommended Volume 1: “I Quit”, I enjoyed it so much, I waited for the next collected volume, yes your Royal Cheapness did the right thing.

20130616_215055.jpg 20130616_215152.jpg20130616_214939.jpg



Daily Prompt: Bookworm

Tell us about the last book you read (Why did you choose it? Would you recommend it?). To go further, write a post based on its subject matter.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us WORDS.

It’s about a thief who wants to retire, but has to pull off one last big score, thanks to his son – who really wants to be like Master Thief Daddy, but he sucks. Yeah, just realised I didn’t give a summary. I read too much fanfics, so I’m surprised I was able to read that. Oh & Artemis Fowl & The Last Guardian was good too…

Summer is…

Summer is watching…

…every man, think he’s James Bond.

…every woman feebly hide a laugh, while he struts, then walks into a wall.

Summer is me observing it all, on a decaying pedestal.


For Trifextra 72

This weekend we’re asking you to describe summer in your own words. Thirty-three of them exactly, of course.

One day, I’ll write something epic…until then, you’re left with the trolls that live in my head…or whatever I write in 10 minutes…or both.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting. Dear Messrs Ben and Jerry


Why oh why, are your ice-cream confections, perfections?

Why oh why, can’t it ever last longer than 10 minutes?

10 minutes you ask, surely it takes longer to complete this task?

That’s how long it takes for your perfections to become extinctions.

An extinction, I will gladly commit again.

Oh crap, I see another tub, here we go again…


For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, this week it’s FleetingDuh… Err… I needed a prompt, so I found one…

Damn you Ben & Jerry’s! And it’s not poetry, it just happened to rhyme…Why fleeting, err… I get a tub, a hand towel and a teaspoon, and I go HAM on it…You see fleeting…