Swept Off Our Feet

Boy meets girl,
Girl meets boy.
Boy kisses girl,
Girl marries boy.
How the fairytales go,
How we’re told it’s meant to go,
But that’s not how it goes.
Will we ever be swept off our feet?
Or will we just accept defeat?
I was attempting to write* a noob review on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare for my gaming blog, but after writing three paragraphs and not getting to the point, this happened instead. I blame Toni Braxton for this, I’m actually still listening to her right now.
*yes, actual pen on paper kids!


Person of the Year

There’s only one person, I can think of,

Through those trying times,

You try, I fail, you cry, I bail.

You put up a front, while I squander my lot,

But still, you truly see what lies beneath.

Despite all my failings, you still believe there’s more underneath,

Though we act like we don’t care, like this is only yours to bear,

Mum, you will forever be, my person of the year.


Daily Prompt: Person of the Year

OK, I’ve no idea, how this became poetry, my fingers type on their own bloody accord… I know, I have more to say, but the world doesn’t need my drama… Of course, my most liked post is about food. Go Ben & Jerry’s Go! We know, who we are…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting. Dear Messrs Ben and Jerry


Why oh why, are your ice-cream confections, perfections?

Why oh why, can’t it ever last longer than 10 minutes?

10 minutes you ask, surely it takes longer to complete this task?

That’s how long it takes for your perfections to become extinctions.

An extinction, I will gladly commit again.

Oh crap, I see another tub, here we go again…


For The Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, this week it’s FleetingDuh… Err… I needed a prompt, so I found one…

Damn you Ben & Jerry’s! And it’s not poetry, it just happened to rhyme…Why fleeting, err… I get a tub, a hand towel and a teaspoon, and I go HAM on it…You see fleeting…