Yoga – Janelle Monáe ft. Jidenna

Ah…the Electric Lady is back, the only person whose concert I’ve ever attended. One of the two people I’ll willingly spend money to buy their music – the other is Imogen Heap, although that list may soon grow to four with Melanie Fiona & Jazmine Sullivan, but I digress.

Anywho, she’s back with a brand new song and it’s very different to her usual music…yes folks it would appear that she’s made an actual booty shaking mainstream song and I like it. There are times I honestly think Ms. Monáe is an evil genius, especially when she appears on interviews – as much as I love the heck out of her music & what she stands for – ol’ girl is one calculated strategist. She preempted the inevitable backlash with an interview before the song was released, and then with lyrics like “I ain’t got no worries, I’m my own private dancer”, “I’m too much of a rebel, never do what I’m supposed to”, “sometimes I’m peachy and sometimes I’m vulgar” and the crowning jewel “you cannot police me, so get off my areola” has basically turned it into a not-so gentle reminder that you shouldn’t ever put here in a box and has also given it a feminist edge to it. Janelle will not stand you telling her what to do.

Of course, the song has its faults – the production could have been better, we’ve heard stunning music from Janelle and her Wonderland Arts Society cohorts, but the production seems a bit lazy. It sounds like Jidenna’s Classic Man, plus the fact both songs share similar synths with Ludacris’ ‘How Low’ bugged me a bit. I’m like a dog with a bone, when I hear something that sounds similar to something I’ve heard, it’s worse when I can’t remember it – it will consume me… I’m still a bit so-so with Jidenna’s verse, it sounds nice, until I listen to it, then I’m like “oh boy you for do better now…” I still haven’t forgiven him for the toga line.

Fortunately, it hasn’t stopped me from listening to it on repeat on YouTube. It’s sticky, sexy & sweet, if this came from Rhianna, it would have been sticky & sexy, but we won’t have believed that it could be sweet.

Could someone please tell my body to stop attempting to dance, it’s really getting embarrassing. Oh and Nigerians, we’re everywhere, Jidenna is indeed of Nigerian descent. Did I just write a review? It appears I just did…


What is This Feeling?

It finally happened, I’ve finally seen Wicked! Oh my, it’s been a month since I saw it at the Apollo Victoria Theatre, and all you’re getting is this blog, two pictures of the stage and a picture of the programme.


I still don’t know why it’s there, but it looked cool.


I got most of the current cast, with the exception of Savannah Stevenson, her standby Sophie Linder-Lee was used. Emma Hatton was brilliant as Elphaba, the green skinned underdog – honey I kept rolling my eyes with you. Her acting and singing were on point, you felt her hope when she was singing about meeting & working with the Wizard in ‘The Wizard & I’, of course you also felt the irony and foreshadowing since we’ve just seen the previous scene with Glinda & the Ozians with ‘No One Mourns the Wicked’. You felt her despair with the powerhouse that is ‘No Good Deed’, I was left in awe with her voice and the awesomeness in the theatre visual effects that was ‘Defying Gravity’, when Elphaba becomes one with the background, her newly acquired broom, the lights, the smoke machine and the wind; I was left amazed and gobsmacked. It was a stunning way to end act one.

Sorry these are all the pictures you'll get of the set. Cameras were not allowed during the performance. Plus, I can't do subtle.

Sorry these are all the pictures you’ll get of the set. Cameras were not allowed during the performance. Plus, I can’t do subtle. I could have tried harder, but nah…

Sophie Linder-Lee was brilliant as Glinda (formerly known as Galinda), her “toss, toss” will forever be stuck in my brain for all eternity. Glinda is that OTT Miss Goody Two Shoes, who might not be as good as you think, plus you might want to punch her. Sophie conveyed that well, she might not have over-exagerrated her performance as the other actresses have done, but it was enough for me. The song ‘What is This Feeling?’ has grown to become my favourite song from this musical, Glinda with her hard to describe description of Elphaba and Elphaba’s deadpan “blonde” is a certified crowd pleaser. The audience and I cracked up at it and every video I’ve seen, the audience always have the same reaction.

The rest of the cast were fantastic, I now understand the fascinationall Wicked fans have with “Fiyero pants”, those were highly tight and very distracting especially during ‘Dancing Through Life’, sorry Jeremy Taylor, but I’m a mere mortal – I couldn’t help myself. Shout out to the Flying Monkeys with their acrobatics and general climbing on the gears. To the fantastic crew, who built the sets, the costumes, the prosthetics and the stunning visuals that made me question CGI…just wow, practical stunts and effects still live on.

The music, of course I’ll talk about the music – it’s a musical. If you’re a fan of Disney music, you’ll be a fan of this. Stephen Schwartz, the man responsible for being the composer or lyricist or both to Pocahontas, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, The Prince of Egypt & Enchanted. That’s just a Class A drug right there for lovers of Disney music. Yes, the lyrics can be saccharine and you’ll scratch your head at least once. eg the word disgusticified in ‘What is This Feeling?’ You’ll find yourself dancing at least once, yes ‘What is This Feeling?’ You’ll laugh at least once at the absurdity of it all, see ‘Popular’, where Glinda thinks a flower in Elphaba’s loosened hair makes her really beautiful, plus that all the great intelligent people were just popular. The YOLO song – ‘Defying Gravity’, ‘No Good Deed’ also kinda falls in this category, maybe it’s more of the to-hell-with-this-BS song…The you’ll roll your eyes at the crowd, basically any song with the chorus/ensemble cast, except ‘One Short Day’ – I really wish they stayed longer. The OMG-he-might-have-a-point song – ‘Wonderful’. The seriously-I’ll-kill-the-ensemble-cast-this-second song – ‘March of the Witch Hunters’. The this-song-starts-nice-but-now-the-foreshadowing-with-the-couples-kinda-makes-want-to-cry song – ‘Dancing Through Life’, I also call it this is all your fault Glinda song. Seriously, the only couple that technically make it to the end are Elphaba & the pointy hat. Okay I’ll stop now.

Programme and ticket

Wicked has been a long journey for me, ever since I watched the episode of Ugly Betty that introduced it and ‘Defying Gravity’ to me. So to finally watch and experience it will forever make me happy. Shame I would never experience the original Broadway cast, especially Kristin Chenoweth as Glinda – one of the few women I’ll tolerate with advanced OTT acting, I’d honestly watch her sing about watching paint dry, while she waltzed around with maniacal glee. Idina Menzel as Elphaba, will of course always get a mention, the woman has been fortunate in being able to sing a few YOLO songs in her time. I know, I know, some of you are still suffering from Frozen & ‘Let it Go’, it’s not her fault, she’s been blessed. Oh well, I’ve been rocking the original Broadway a Cast recording of Wicked….a tad bit too much. I regret nothing.


Happy New Year Folks! Better late than never!!! I honestly don’t know why I’ve that many exclamation marks…

Orphan Black

Haven’t done one of these in a while…Oh can’t think of any Limp Noodles, except if you count Glee, don’t have the energy, plus, it would be unfair since I’ve totally ignored it this season.

The Rump Steak of Awesomeness  for debut Canadian Telly goes to Orphan Black


To be honest, I didn’t watch a single advert, I saw the title, thought it was interesting. Did a quick search, saw the word clone and DLed it. Watched it. Awesomesauce. Hopefully, it gets released on Blu-ray, I’m so watching it again when it airs on BBC3.


Short version – clones. Long version – A British drifter, Sarah, arrives in Canada (we assume), sees a woman, Beth, who looks exactly like her just before commits suicide by train. Sarah steals her belongings – Beth was so helpful, she took off her coat, shoes and bag, arranged them neatly, before she took that extra step – and  takes her place – easy money, drifter mentality. Hilarity doesn’t ensue, we find out there are 9 clones, someone’s trying to kill them. Continue reading

5 Things I’ve Learnt from Playing God of War

I’ve never had a favourite anything, but God of War is definitely without a doubt my favourite hack and slash video game. This PlayStation exclusive has a special place in my devious heart. Apparently, I get rather passionate about it – something involving bloodlust, a diabolical grin and a manic presentation – complete with hand gestures & sound effects.

Frak, my…err…ex-boyfriend…it’s weird…once pointed out that I sound really crazy happy & even sexy, when I’m talking about this game series. Look, I don’t do sexy, I do scary, apparently once in a while sounds sexy. They were right, I might need help… Continue reading

Omofunky in “Who Wants To Go Out 2Nite”

Introducing Omofunky, the boy bad-o. Picture this: you want to holler at your fine fine fine lady, you call her landline and Daddy Dearest answers, what do you do? If you’re Omofunky you become Frank Edoho (he‘s the Nigerian WWTBAM’s Chris Tarrant to you UK folks, others Google or Wiki your corresponding countries’ version) and Ta-da! Mission Impossible: Completed. Top Cat ain’t got nothing on this Slick Cat. Hey, you can quote that. Why the frak am I ryhming?!

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Anywho, this is the first episode of a new YouTube/Mobile Phone series, with 12 more episodes to come. Check out the YouTube channel, the download is also available on the video. All future episodes will come with the download links as well. Oh and check out these 2 extra clips one spoofing Oga at the Top and the other Robodiagbomso Wedding.

Yes, I’m old I said holler, what next I’m going to start saying chillax again?!

Letting Go

Goodie, my first anonymous hand-in, someone out there actually reads my blog?! Synergy in motion and all that jazz, anywho they said it’s a poem, they’d like your input – Err…I’m flattered that you want my assistance, but I’m not all that. Although, thanks to Pat’s free songwriting class, I found out I rhyme a lot – well I like it ’cause it’s kinda sad.

Life is a series of emotions, whirlwinds of juggled up emotions that one’s thinking faculty has no control over. Sometimes you just have to let go.

Letting go is hard, it’s unfair, it’s painful, but in most cases it’s the only way to move on especially when it’s obvious that it’s your only option. It’s painful when unexpected, unplanned things come along and totally throws you off course, off guard and then these emotions you never thought existed or that you have fully exhausted just comes and bombards you. But that is not the matter at hand, my scope is not on emotions, or scattered feelings or all what not, my story is about letting go, moving on and never turning back.

It’s easy to delete pictures, songs, chats but how can you delete memories? How can you delete moments that only you felt? That only you understand the intensity of that place, time and action? How can you possibly just click delete? You can’t. So you become tormented; tormented by memories that won’t stop playing in your head, your pleading for it to stop, wishing it could; you busy yourself with anything possible, but when there is just a glimpse of space, a little vacuum, an unaccounted for time; it pops in again, like a teasing rollercoaster, daring you to pull the shutdown lever, but you cant. You are stuck in a painful tease, praying and hoping it would end.


I’m not broke anymore – I bought a box of White Chocolate Lion Bars, just to prove my point…Damn you Amazon!

My Chi – Ocean ft Vhicktoure Bass

Speaking of Ocean, just listened to her song “My Chi”, which she only recorded 6 days ago, yup that’s the 13th of March, 2013. In fact my ass is so fresh, I got it on the 15th. Anywho, it’s produced by Papa K, with Vhicktoure Bass on the bass. The song means My God, it’s sung in Igbo & English and yes I know what it means. And if you’re wondering, she did it in one take and it’s a freestyle, yup she bad like that…

You look so cute, so that's why the picture stays!

You look so cute, so that’s why the picture stays!

I just want to hug your cute ass, I call dibs – no one hugs you except me, capish?

Funmi Odegbami

For some odd reason I keep getting promotional packs, I think it’s time for me to start posting them, so lucky you Funmi. Although, I blame my friend Adaeze AKA Ocean, apparently if you hand out PR packs for a friend, they save your email and send you dren loads back from other PR companies. Anywho… yes I’m finally spelling it right, congrats Funmi.



Funmi Odegbami Honoured As One Of The 100 Most Inspirational Women In The World

Fresh from being nominated for two awards by the prestigious Women4Africa Awards 2013, the award-winning and internationally renowned makeup artist Funmi Odegbami – sister of Afrobeats queen May7ven and daughter of Nigerian football legend Segun Odegbami – has recently been honoured as one of the 100 Most Inspirational Women in the World.

Funmi Odegbami, who is the CEO of MiNK London, founder of Makeup Show Live and a member of the Black Women in Europe Power list, was honoured and placed at #25 on the list of 100 Most Inspirational Woman in the World which also included the likes of the First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle ObamaUche Eze – the founder of Bella NaijaHon. Abike Dabiri and Oprah Winfrey among several hugely inspiring women.
Compiled as part of the commemoration of this year’s International Women’s Day by Nigerian-based online tastemakers Olori Supergal and to celebrate “women who have driven a cause one way or the other…”, the list which is headed by none other than Michelle Obama, also honours Tosyn Bucknor (14), Ellen Degeneres (11), Betty Irabor (70) and the late great Mother Theresa (23) just to mention a few.
Speaking of the prestigious honour bestowed upon her, Funmi Odegbami said, “I would like to say a huge thank you to Olori Supergal for this honour. I feel extremely overwhelmed and blessed at the same time. I am not sure what’s happening in the world for someone like me to be recognised in this way, but I won’t fight it and I thank God for everything He is doing on my behalf. I started on this journey because I had a strong desire to make a real difference in the world and just like the MiNK motto, to encourage others to Dream Big too”.
Read the full list of 100 Most Inspiring Women here.


Congrats Funmi, keep up the good work…err.. if you’re looking for people **raises hand** Ok scratch that I don’t do makeup, but I could do other things…Geez, that sounded pervy.

You Don’t Even Get An Intro…

…No Drumroll.

I’m so happy for one of my fave YouTubers, VanJess, just noticed this on my facebook homepage, apparently they posted this 10 hours on fb – that’s the closest to freshness I’m ever going to get. Yes, these lovely singer-songwriting siblings have actually done a proper studio version & video of their song, Drumroll. Loving the Caribbean undertones. Sean Fury, this is how it’s done…



I Predict a Repeat…

MKS – Mutya Keisha Siobhan aka Sugababes 1.0. Seriously, why?! Aren’t the original problems still there?? Yes, I know about good wine maturing with age, but we are human – you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Will Keisha still allegedly be a bullying bitch? Will Siobhan still allegedly be a victim? Will Mutya still allegedly be a….I dunno, I just wanted to type allegedly again…

Oh well, here’s to hoping for some good music, maybe we’ll get some good Sugababes 1.0 vs. Sugababes 4.0 music. I was actually going to write some thought provoking stuff, but bugger it all, I kinda forgot…oops.

…so I Predict a Riot, Catfights & Spotlights style…or maybe, just maybe Kenzi’s version of Succubi fighting – “Slow motion pillow fights? Crotch lasers?”. Geez, I really miss Lost Girl.