It’s Been a While…

Hello Nobody! Sorry for my unscheduled hiatus, I’ve either been too busy, lazy, angry, excited, tired or forgetful to write. Plus, I now seem to live on Tumblr, it’s a wild, beautiful and crazy world over there.

Anywho, happy new year! Let’s see what can I say to you poor folks, who have unwittingly stumbled onto this blog – expect chaos, randomness, the occasional witty remark, more forays into fiction, my ongoing nonchalant attempt at taking over the world and chocolate! Delivered to you with imprecise precision. To my long suffering regulars – the usual and finally discovering the answer to life.

Just thought you’d love to “hear” my voice…I could actually attempt those weird podcasts again, oh italics, how I’ve missed you…while I inform you I’m still alive and well. I was considering on ranting about the abysmal result of the UK MEP elections, but I’ll leave that to those voters, who voted for lies masquerading as truths.




…I wonder if I can…..NOPE I can’t magically replace the batteries in my remote. Life is unfair.


2 thoughts on “It’s Been a While…

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