All I See is You

Now, just calm down a bit…I haven’t been stalking you, with my camera lenses set to zoom, I’ve been listening to Justin Timberlake’s Tunnel Vision a lot – seriously… A. Lot.

Don’t know why, I’m feeling close to it. I’m taking the song a bit too seriously, I’ve got that tunnel vision for Tunnel Vision, I only see it. Everytime I’m close to it I forget everything else, I won’t hide anymore, everything just disappears, it becomes so clear that I’ll probably keep using the verses from the song in this post – sorry kiddies if Google got you here, because you’re looking for the lyrics, keep looking….

Ever since I heard you, I’m so gone, I’m so gone, I’m so gone. As you see I really I’m so gone – I had to say it thrice, sorry four times. I’ve been deafened by the awesomeness, I can’t deny it, and I will stand by it, and I won’t hide it anymore.

Where was I? Oh, it says I know you like, I thought it said I know she lie/you lie – OK, your lyrics make more sense. Don’t you hate it, when I song basically tells you, you like  it or it tells you about yourself a bit to well? e.g. I walk into my living room (eons ago, OK, it was probably 1998) and Des’ree is on the telly, and sings “Let me guess you’re a Scorpio?” you go “How the hell did you know that?!” and you start to have a panic attack at age 12/13…

Anywho, I’m feeling close to it, I’m so emotional and all these stars are dancing on my head – like I’m Wile E. Coyote, yup that anvil is a bit too close to my head…

At the rate this is going, I’ll probably write a song about how I have tunnel vision for Tunnel Vision, it will be very confusing, just as weird as this post. **sighs** every song is an extra, in the background, they just fade into the set.


Sorry, I had to punish you folks, since I really needed to tell someone about my tunnel vision for Tunnel Vision, wow I’ve said that phrase thrice! Oh well, I know you like. Don’t worry, I’ll hate you eventually…


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