People Google the Darnest Things

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these, so let’s hop to it.

This week:

  • felix orphan black
  • what happens if you fail the mini sexgame in god of war 3
  • darth vader riding on charizard

My faves from the past 30 days:

  • the last of us rubbish
  • 5 things learnt from god
  • 5 things learnt from god with explanation
  • kabalarians is bullshit

My all time faves:

  • naruto children need help
  • beyonce breast
  • meaning of screwd
  • dodo’s conundrum
  • define: utter rubbish
  • i hate adaobi
  • organizational chart of power holding company of nigeria plc
  • butt licking blogs
  • beyoncé feet
  • adetayo ayowale onile-ere wikipedia disappeared
  • gow coo second horse statue
  • taio cruz speaking pidgin
  • 1985 is rubbish
  • girl utterly hanging wedgies
  • matlab is rubbish
  • “dede mabiaku”,”underwear”
  • another word for utter rubbish, starts with a t
  • rubbish ironic
  • lost girl crotch lasers
  • dominatrix wedgie ks
  • what is this kalabarian nonsense about?
  • sierra mousad dollhouse doesn’t even double tag
  • you tube fecal porn

Sometimes, the internet really is awesome, although why someone would ever Google the last search term…then actually thought my blog was the answer to it…I will never know.


5 thoughts on “People Google the Darnest Things

  1. Hehehehe!
    Unfortunately, something somebody has said to your freind em this week has got her all kinds of muddled. Head no longer works, mouth spouting all sorts of bullshit (more than usual) and generally a bit meh.
    Hope you are ok -you sounded a bit off in your message – which i actually listened to! Can you text me your address?
    Are you ready for Doctor Who tomorrow night?

  2. I’m thinking i might start blogging again – do you still get people reading these and leaving comments? That was the reason i used to do it.

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