…the stroke of my pen,

…a Swype of my touchpad keyboard,

…the tippy tapping of my laptop keyboard,

another internet gangster slain. I wonder, if any remain?

Hail to my deadly fingers.


For Trifextra 75

Last weekend we gave you a super prescriptive prompt.  We also promised you we’d ease up this week.  As such, this weekend we are asking for a thirty-three word free-write.  Any topic, any style–just give us your best thirty three.


Hey, I did say I was kinda of an ass, you’ve gotta love continuity. Thanks to this excellent comment. It was the first thing I read this morning, a mere minute after I woke up – after laughing for 5 minutes, I said “Challenge Accepted.” Yes, I know I went a bit OTT with the Google search, but my assiness wouldn’t let it slide…

EDIT: Happy 280th post!


13 thoughts on “Fingers

    • Now all I can think of is Wrath. It was an online game, where all you did was smite cows. Apparently, you were God…I wonder why I enjoyed it???

  1. That was quite the comment to have received. Glad you let your fingers settle the score via your keyboard and not your fists, through violent retribution.

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