It’s a Jungle Out Back

Well it’s apparently Summer, but Plymouth hasn’t really gotten the memo yet. Look I’m not complaining, I’m an actual African – born & bred Nigerian duh – who hates the sun.

Anywho, it really is Summer and my backyard is living proof. It’s crazy scary and that bloody scaffolding isn’t helping. It’s annoying, it’s smelly – that overpowering sweet smell, you know the one that makes you what to gouge your own eyes out & rip your nose to shreds. Recommended: Listen to It’s a Jungle Out There by Randy Newman.

20130620_201958.jpg20130620_201944.jpgWow, I really suck, missed the bright colours, sorry I couldn’t cope with the smell… I even tried to do a panorama -failed, kinda psychedelic though, ok it really sucks… Wasn’t my fault, the weird plant/weed life were invading my legs.

20130620_201917.jpgWell, I’ve no idea why I posted this…can’t think of anything random, so I will leave you with this tweet…


Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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