Ain’t I Funny?

Hello folks, since no one else will do it I will. This is the closest to vain & narcissistic, you’re ever going to get from me. Anywho, I like to think I’ve got a sense of humour. Sometimes it’s very had to find, since my default vocal setting is sarcastic & cynical, even when I’m complementing someone.

Since the batteries to my remote control have died, and I can’t find the AAA batteries, I’m stuck watching BBC1 with the annoying tennis highlights of Andy Murray & Roger Federer – it’s been going on for a long time, over 3 freaking hours! Oh well, you get a match in England, you get rain, everyone else gets highlights…

WARNING: This will be long!

Anywho, on with the show – you poor kiddies will have to suffer a collection of my facebook statuses, comments, tweets, maybe even Tumblr-related stuff (I’ve only been a member for 3 days, and I’ve officially lost my life). I’ve always threathened to quote myself – I finally get to do it…

OK, break… This will only be from my Twitter feed, geez I talk to much… Maybe, I will do the others next week…Oh crap, that means I’ll actually compose a blog post with an actual plan, not blagging it as I type, that should be interesting… Back to scheduled programming.

Firefox crashed, fortunately, I literally saved the draft just before it went bye bye.

Apparently, I was the first to use the 12th Doctor Who hashtag, I invented something!

Seriously, you’re still here there is a prize at the end…

His profile pic at the time was missing his beard… It was really weird.

Every time someone favours this tweet, they get suspended, it’s happened thrice. So I guess it’s the same person, who keeps liking it.

Zoie Palmer’s my spirit animal, deal with it…

Yes, they performed fun’s Some Nights, it wasn’t good.

I swear, I’m not that stupid, Swype doesn’t like me.

It was that bad…

Seriously, it was…

Actually, they don’t always choose their songs. Funny the things you find out, while having a conversation.

Seriously, it’s like everytime someone likes my comment, they get suspended. C’mon!

Damn you Swype!

It’s a terrible epidermic…wow, I’ve been doing this for over an hour & a half. Maybe, I should have done this in bursts…NAH…

Yes, I hate those kiddies with good eyesight.

There’s an epic live tweetfest involving my flatmate, maybe I shouldn’t…I will…#SGTH

The end of that weirdness, he also had an interview the next day…

Don’t worry it’s almost the end, just 7 to go. Can’t believe I’ve read through 444 tweets – no I didn’t post them all…

Zoie Palmer might be my spirit animal, but her cat is my spirit human… and my final will be my first ever tweet.

Yes, I favoured my own tweet!

You’ve come to the end of my crazy, go you! Your prize – have a drink/dinner/whatever on me! Eww…bad visual. No, I’ll not send your money, through post, western union or paypal…Wow, it took over 2 hours. Damn…


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