Kabalarian Philosophy Redux

I noticed someone read my original post, so I reread it. Oh, those lovely days when punctuation & caps where scarce…Anywho, KP’s still scamming their way into gullible marks’ hearts, it’s been just over 6 years and 5 months since my original post – It’s still BULLSHIT, just because they’ve got an app for that, doesn’t make it any less shitty. No sci-fi speak for this, just good old fashion swearing.Let’s see, I’ll use my original parameters and will show the screencaps.

A (male name)

AAdaobi (my name)


Apart from one could, which has already happened – really freaked me out… I love their bullshit, good guess work and excellent use of could. **Points to KP** Clap for yourself!

Adaobi (as male…it’s a girl’s name BTW)

Adaobi as maleObiora (my bro)

ObioraI died at “You can be deliberate to a fault” and “…over-cautious nature…”

Obiora (as female…it’s a boy’s name)

Sorry, but the name of: obiora ( F) is not yet part of our database.

Fortunately, their system doesn’t compute…

Okonkwo (my surname)


Okonkwo (as female)

Sorry, but the name of: okonkwo ( F) is not yet part of our database.

They’re learning, Okonkwo basically means male born on Nkwo market day, it’s female equivalent is Mgbonkwo.


Sorry, but the name of: mgbonkwo ( M) is not yet part of our database.


TestimonialsEpic fail with first person, Mr. Ojo, shey you know you come from Naij? You won tell me say, your mama no tell you the meaning of your name? Abeg, carry your yash commot. Energy ko, energy ni, no be NEPA, abeg sorry excuse me, no bi PHCN way dey handle energy for Naija? C’mon son, we’re Nigerian, we are supposed to be scamming them!

The actual meanings

Ada – means first daughter; Obi – means first son, heart, compound, chief…So my name means – first daughter of the compound, shit my name could have meant princess (that’s Adaeze, Eze means King. Shut up Agbaya, I know you’re reading this on your phone), once in a while, I tease my parents for that injustice… My actual first name means God’s gift, so I can let my second name slide. My third name’s only on my birth certificate, so you don’t need to know…

Obiora – means people’s wishes (that’s how I remember my mum explaining it to me, many years ago) or everyone’s hearts. Like I said many years ago, we take our names seriously. Coincidentally, the age gap between the posts is one month short of the one between my brother and me… I need to call the not so little bugger…

You’ve gotta love the internet, it’s like Naija go-slow, you can find everything on it…


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