Turned Me into a Gutless Wonder…

I’ve had this title saved since the 11th, and for the life of me I couldn’t think about anything fitting for this. Maybe talk about, gravity keeping my head down, or maybe is it shame… you know use the lyrics to talk about something meaningful. But, TA-DA! You get this instead. Is it a plane? Is it superman? No. My 2TB external hard drive has died.

My back up to my everything – all my music (that’s over 33GB, that’s not adding the rest of my audiobooks, videos etc on my iTunes), my extensive collection of TV serials, software, movies, my comics & other random dren. Dude, I had about 50GB left.

Yes, it has turned me into a Gutless Wonder. I keep staring at it, listening to the current flow not really going anywhere and looking for the screws. I’m an Electronic & Electrical Engineering student gorram it, I should be able to fix it. Then I remember, I’m not really a good EEE student, frak it – I’ll figure you out ’cause I’m plain badass.

Thought about crying, that didn’t really work out – I kept cackling, a lot…seriously a lot…supervillains ain’t got nothing on me, mad scientists – not a chance. Oddly enough, I was called a mad scientist in secondary school after I started wearing glasses, I was awesome at Chemistry & Cackling. The 2 compulsory Cs needed for World Domination. Okay okay, Physics is kinda compulsory, and maybe any major sciences… Well, you need to know how to blow stuff up or scramble DNA, you know weird destructive dren, accompanied with your own theme music and signature cackle.

I’ve glared it, thrown a couple of swears at it, ignored it, read a lot fanfiction on FFN instead of thinking about it, looked at my toolkit and gone “sod it”. All in all, done nothing really, just mourned & ignored it… Okay, it only turns me into a Gutless Wonder, when I remember it

Anywho, good news this week… Arrested Development is back, so apparently I need Netflix now. Or do I need to travel to the USA and then get Netflix? I finally got the Blue Yeti Microphone, so those poor folks on my YouTube will hear my say-everything-in-one-breath voice… Calm down, it’ll take a while to arrive. Err…this week’s Orphan Black, Russell Howard’s Good News & Have I Got New for You were awesome. Err…it’s bank holiday tomorrow.

My life’s really full of awesomeness, off to read more fanfiction, while I try not to buy Dominos – my local closes at 5am. The other* thing Plymouth can claim – a Dominos that closes at 5am. Apparently, being home to the Royal Navy doesn’t count.

*The other being everything is on an incline. Oh, the list (of sad things) is endless, I just can’t be bothered.

And if you’ll tolerate this, then your children will be next…Ok, I promise my next moonshine post will make sense & it will be on a videogame, I think I’ll talk about the Uncharted series. Just for you kiddies I’ll replay 1-3, okay maybe just 2 and 3, I can’t relive the weird zombie creatures in Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune…


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