Alive Again

My life began at a funeral. Mine actually. Calm down, I am not a Zombie or a Vampire. Definitely, not a ghost. No cravings for brains or blood whatever. I can’t walk through walls. I am…alive again. I just woke one morning, fully clothed, next to a grave, my grave.

Here lies our baby girl

Laura Allison Newton

24/12/1993 – 13/4/2013

Goodbye Newt, don’t drive them crazy up there.

I chuckle at my tombstone, then I cry. I cry for missed opportunities – I never got to kiss Tony. I cry for my family – Mum, will forever blame herself, even though it wasn’t her fault. I cry. I just cry. I clutch my chest – the knife isn’t there, the gaping hole that should be is missing. I do a quick check, no Y incision, no scars, no bruises, even the scar I got at 3 is gone. What am I? I am dead, but I’m alive – I am alive again! I know I can never go home, my death was too brutal, how will I ever explain?

I am in the clothes I died in, I look around my grave for clues, anything, how am I alive again? I discover a bag behind my grave. A handbag?! I don’t own a handbag, never have – too girly. I open it, I find a passport, a driver’s license, a debit card and at least $10000. What the hell? The passport and license have my face on it, but a different name – Ally Laurel Wenton. The debit card also has “my” name on it I must be in the Twilight Zone. How? Why? What? I find a note at the bottom of the bag.

Don’t ask how this is possible? You have a new life now, live it, enjoy this second chance. Don’t worry about your family, they will get closure, your killer will be caught and they will live on to their natural ends. You’ll find transportation at the funeral entrance, go to the address on your driver’s license. I know it’s a long way, but you can’t stay here – your death was too public. Go forth my child and live your life to the fullest – Y.

I leave my grave and my original life. I make one last stop at my favourite place – the docks. Smell the air one last time, I smile. I toss a pebble for the last time. It skids along the surface – New World Record! I smile one last time at the view. Time to go, time to live again. I drive off into the darkness, with every intention to live my new life to the fullest.



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