Monday Morning

OK, was reading the Monday Blog Hop, to be honest I kinda hate every weekday except Wednesday, dunno…maybe ’cause I was born on a Wednesday or ’cause a volcano erupted and killed a lot of people on my birth. OK maybe it wasn’t the exact time, with the different time zones & all, but a gal can have a morbid fascination…

Anywho, all I could think about was Melanie Fiona’s Monday Morning. You see, one of my many quirks is the ability to think of songs whenever I see, read or hear words. Even TV/Film theme songs – everytime I hear a who/what/where question – Ghostbusters. Every freaking time. “What you gonna do?” – Ghostbusters [and holy carp, Missy Elliot’s Whatcha Gon’ Do…seriously I need help, no I’m not kidding, this really just happened!]. “Who….?” – Ghostbusters.

Let’s see what do I wake up to? Technically, it’s “I am the Doctor” by Murray Gold, from Doctor Who Series 5 soundtrack obviously. You wonder why I’ve the technically? Well, I never really hear my alarm, since my sleeping habit’s rather bad. I basically wake up 7 hours after I’ve slept.

I once woke up to Ginuwine’s “Pony”, yup right in the middle of “if you’re horny, let’s do it…” had a good laugh and checked under my bed for good measure. Don’t know why I did, I seemed like a good idea at the time. It’s even more interesting, whenever I sleep with my headphones on, that whole surround sound kinda freaks you out if you forget. Holy frak, I hear music everywhere…wait no I don’t… **sigh** no superpower for me then. Oh, I also sleep with my glasses on – it’s easy get strong plastic frames. Apparently, I really like to see even if my eyes are closed.

Let’s see to conclude I will give you my phones’ notifications, yes I’ve two phones.

My S2 (Hercules, yes I’ve the unlocked T-Mobile US exclusive, thanks Mum)

Alarm – I am the Doctor by Murray Gold

Ringtone – Main Title by Ramin Djawadi. That’s the Game of Thrones main title

My sister’s personal notification – If You Ask Me by Omawunmi. “I don’t ask for much” she says, whenever she does...

Another personal notification – Cockiness by Rihanna, it used to be Blood Theme by Daniel Licht, from the Dexter soundtrack, they freaked out. I really love that piece.

Notification – Angel Main Title Theme by Darling Violetta.


Alarm: Arkham City Main Theme by Nick Arundel…Oh carp, no wonder I haven’t heard it in a while, it’s been switched off…

Ringtone – I Heard Through the Grapevine vs. Feel Good Inc. mash up by FreeStyleGames (DJ Hero)

Message Tone – Exogenesis: Symphony Part I (Overture) by Muse…That’s why it takes me 3 minutes before I read a text.

My darling baby this is a warning, saying I’m leaving on Monday Morning, you get no answer no use in calling, saying I’m leaving on Monday Morning… Melanie you should be bigger.

One thought on “Monday Morning

  1. Im with you. Lately all weekdays are not that hot. But I suppose Mon. may win the race. I wake up to a gently little tone that practically rubs my head and says “cmon, sweetie, I’ll make you pancakes!” I couldnt wake up to all that other music and noise…Im a crank enough without that.

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