Orphan Black

Haven’t done one of these in a while…Oh can’t think of any Limp Noodles, except if you count Glee, don’t have the energy, plus, it would be unfair since I’ve totally ignored it this season.

The Rump Steak of Awesomeness  for debut Canadian Telly goes to Orphan Black


To be honest, I didn’t watch a single advert, I saw the title, thought it was interesting. Did a quick search, saw the word clone and DLed it. Watched it. Awesomesauce. Hopefully, it gets released on Blu-ray, I’m so watching it again when it airs on BBC3.


Short version – clones. Long version – A British drifter, Sarah, arrives in Canada (we assume), sees a woman, Beth, who looks exactly like her just before commits suicide by train. Sarah steals her belongings – Beth was so helpful, she took off her coat, shoes and bag, arranged them neatly, before she took that extra step – and  takes her place – easy money, drifter mentality. Hilarity doesn’t ensue, we find out there are 9 clones, someone’s trying to kill them.

Breakout character

The clones played by Tatiana Maslany. The chic is awesomeness! The way she plays the clones each with their different personalities. Apparently, she has different playlists for each of them, she listens to them to get in character.

Sarah’s a punk rocker, drifter extraordinaire. Pretends to be Beth, who’s a cop, oh carp* not good – drifters run away from danger, cops run towards danger. She might be the original, since she’s the only fertile one…

Cosima’s the nerd, who loves her weed and straight A student. The scientist, complete with glasses and dreads. American, well she studies there.

Alison’s the soccer mum, highly strung, badass crack shot, bangs included. Canadian.

Helena’s gorram crazy, ravenous, childlike and a murderous religious nut. Oddly enough, she’s very endearing. Complete with scars and terrible dye job. She thinks she’s the original. Ukrainian. Y’all need to watch the tail dance – freakishly epic!

The German got killed. Beth’s obviously dead, we basically live her life through Sarah’s impersonation and conveniently left over videos. There are 3 we haven’t seen. I know they’ll be excellent.

There’s this thing Tatiana does, she lets Sarah’s British accent slip into her impersonation of Beth sometimes. Whenever one clone plays another, she always plays them like someone pretending to be someone else, it’s always so freaky ’cause sometimes I forget it’s the same actress.

Music Note: Thanks to the club’s soundtrack in episode 7, I kinda like dubstep. For some the song from the tail dance is now unofficially the soundtrack to their nightmares…anywho it’s Xtra Testosterone’s Bass Up Treble Down. Oh and the song that plays during Felix’s club scene is Knife Party’s Centipede…

*Yes I can spell, I know it’s a fish…

UPDATE: How could I forget this gif?!

Helena BAAAh

This is definitely the most talkative I’ve been on my blog. I wrote only 4 blog posts last year, I’ve written what 10 this month (I think this is the 10th?).

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