That Night

It surprised me when she started to talk.

She always looked so timid, lurking in the shadows, observing away. That I forgot, she obviously had a voice. A voice, I found so melodic, that I wonder why she kept it hidden.

We met at the bar, by chance. We started talking, by mistake.

She slapped me across the face, like I said by mistake. Its intended recipient stepped out of the way, while I stepped in. It stung on impact, obviously, served me right for not paying attention. I literally walked into it. Hurray me.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry” she said, while I stood stunned, my brain decided to do what it does best – make the situation more awkward, “So that’s what the five fingers said to the face.”

She starred at me, gobsmacked and began to laugh. She laughed so much, she clutched her stomach. I began to worry.

“Sorry, that’s all I could think about.” I sighed, with a smile.

“No. I should be apologising. I really am sorry.” She apologised again.

“No worries. I should have paid more attention to my surroundings.” I deadpanned.

We stayed at the bar, chatting away about any and everything. I told her I’d seen her around, since we attended the same university. Initially, she thought it was a line, but after I confirmed a few things, she joked I was her stalker.

We left the bar. We decided it was a good night for a walk.

She took a bite out of a slice of kiwi, which she charmed off from the bartender. One of the many things I found out about her that night. She could charm you out of your last rolo – cheesy, but true. Seriously, the bartender gave her three Kiwis, sliced, complete with Tupperware and his phone number.

We talked about life, love, missed opportunities, and oddly enough prom.

“Yes, I wanted to make a statement. Hey, we wear leather, why can’t we wear cured meats?”

“Seriously?!” I countered.

“Ok, maybe it was silly, but at least I wasn’t hungry for long.”

“Let me guess, you were rather popular with the carnivores?” I laughed, wiggled my eyebrows.

“You have no idea” she smirked. “Awkward though, I was popular with dogs – actual dogs. Fortunately, I’m a fast runner.” she smirked.

“Thank you for making my prom look sane…” I laughed. It involved clowns, yogurt, beef jerky and oddly enough also dogs, but that’s another story.

We arrived at her place and for lack of a better word, she pounced on me, yes I said pounced – basically I was a Gazelle, she was a Lioness, and we were on Animal Planet. She kissed me right there at her front door. I also learnt another thing that night, “I’m really flexible. ” she smirked, as I feebly closed her front door with my foot.

Sorry got carried away…and kids, that was the night I officially met your mother.

Okay, don’t know why I did this, but it was worth a try…


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