Letting Go

Goodie, my first anonymous hand-in, someone out there actually reads my blog?! Synergy in motion and all that jazz, anywho they said it’s a poem, they’d like your input – Err…I’m flattered that you want my assistance, but I’m not all that. Although, thanks to Pat’s free songwriting class, I found out I rhyme a lot – well I like it ’cause it’s kinda sad.

Life is a series of emotions, whirlwinds of juggled up emotions that one’s thinking faculty has no control over. Sometimes you just have to let go.

Letting go is hard, it’s unfair, it’s painful, but in most cases it’s the only way to move on especially when it’s obvious that it’s your only option. It’s painful when unexpected, unplanned things come along and totally throws you off course, off guard and then these emotions you never thought existed or that you have fully exhausted just comes and bombards you. But that is not the matter at hand, my scope is not on emotions, or scattered feelings or all what not, my story is about letting go, moving on and never turning back.

It’s easy to delete pictures, songs, chats but how can you delete memories? How can you delete moments that only you felt? That only you understand the intensity of that place, time and action? How can you possibly just click delete? You can’t. So you become tormented; tormented by memories that won’t stop playing in your head, your pleading for it to stop, wishing it could; you busy yourself with anything possible, but when there is just a glimpse of space, a little vacuum, an unaccounted for time; it pops in again, like a teasing rollercoaster, daring you to pull the shutdown lever, but you cant. You are stuck in a painful tease, praying and hoping it would end.


I’m not broke anymore – I bought a box of White Chocolate Lion Bars, just to prove my point…Damn you Amazon!


Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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