More than Enough – Dubem

Since some people have been having issues downloading from SoundCloud especially through their mobiles/their inability to understand the highly visible Download button, I’ll be posting it directly to my blog. Scratch that apparently, I’ve to pay – sorry peeps, you better learn to understand that download button…

Anywho, on this track, produced by Willz, she’s singing about how the Lord is more than enough for her. Verdict: Definitely a grower, although I might have some issues with vocal effects – autotune, how I still hate you, might come off a tad bit overproduced, lyrically & vocally I can’t fault it – simple straight to the point with a lovely voice.


Get to Know Her Bit AKA Profile
Gospel crooner Dubem, born Chidubem Amanda Ikebuego, the fifth child in a family of six hails from Obosi in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

Dubem’s childhood influences in music spurred her belief that a voice is one of the strongest musical instruments in the world. “My greatest asset is my voice. That is why I like people like Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Cece Winans, right from my childhood. But on the local level, I like Waje and a gospel artiste called Efe. Efe is so unique in her delivery and I am moved by what she does with her voice”.

Dubem started singing in church, but only embraced music professionally at the age of 12, due to the influence of her friends who kept reminding her that she was blessed with a gift: “I started with Tim Godfrey and the Xtreme Crew. It was at the age of 12 that I embraced music as a professional when my friends started urging me to do something with my voice. Before then, I was doing shows from one church to another; but in 2005, I met D’banj. His band had just been formed and they were looking for backup singers, so I was part of the original band. From there, I moved on to join Onyeka Onwenu and eventually I got back to Sammie Okposo, whom I have worked with on and off. I have spent eight years with Sammie”.

On working with Sammie Okposo: “Sammie is a unique artiste; that is why he is generally seen as the King of Gospel music in Nigeria and he deserves it. He is one very big force in this whole thing I am doing and a great influence in my career. Our rehearsals are like being in real concerts, Sammie has this attitude that hard work is the only way out and goes the extra mile to enforce it on everyone around him. He is also making sure that this album is completed in good time”.

The dynamic singer-songwriter is currently in the studio working on her upcoming debut album, she has already dropped three promotional singles – Ojija Nma, More than Enough and For Real – were jointly produced by Phat E and Williams. The versatile singer is breaking new grounds and exploring her musical dexterity.The singles come off with a touch of pop, dance, worship and afro-pop vibes are a product of her several years’ experience working at the background with some of Nigeria’s notable music artistes.

While, gospel music artistes seem over burdened with a lot of expectations in comparison with their secular music counterparts, Dubem says that is not a problem for her: “I have always coped with life on the two divides; I do not see it as a problem at all. When you have been in this job for this long, learning from the masters and watching them, you will build confidence to face the challenges that would come your way. That is one way I have handled this aspect of my career”.

Although, Dubem has completed her studies in Business Administration at the Lagos State University, LASU, she is still passionate about studying Mass Communication. She says this will help her galvanise all she has learnt so far in music. “The response to my music at concerts is great, but I am sure it would be better with these singles that are serenading the airwaves”, she stated optimistically.

Dubem’s electrifying voice will make you see how great God is. Be blessed and receive all you need as you listen!


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