Anne Lesley Groell: Part II

Ok, it’s been 7 years and a few days since that post… and Ms. Groell, I’m still bloody waiting for Dungeons of the freaking Moon! Apparently, she is an editor for some prestigious thingy, a writer (under an alias) of some romantic thingy. Look, if you really want to know Google is your friend, I really should trademark that. I did the research a while back and I forgot. I really miss Jen & Thibault.

Maybe someone at FF should write some Cloak & Dagger fanfiction since Groell doesn’t want to? No I can’t do it. You can…

Ok, I’m feeling nice, she’s a Senior Editor at Bantam Dell Publishing Group, but “her” linkedin says she’s an Executive Editor at Random House, she was even nominated at the 2012 Hugo Award for Best Editor, Long Form. Tried re-Googling for her alias, found this instead, last updated in ’99, wow. Can’t find the frakking website, trying to remember my state of mind that glorious day. Might update if I remember the alias.

Tidbit of the day: She’s George R. R. Martin’s editor, that’s the dude who wrote A Game of Thrones, which y’all know as HBO’s Game of Thrones.


UPDATE: Her alias is Kate Brallier. Ok, I could have sworn I updated this 30 minutes after I posted it, but it kinda did a runner, lets see if it sticks…


It’s amazing how incoherent I still am, but with punctuation. 😀


One thought on “Anne Lesley Groell: Part II

  1. In regards to your Cloak and Dagger rant (not sure when you published that)…
    I feel THE same way. I literally JUST put down the Cauldron of Iniquity and have no idea what to do with my life. I seriously cannot believe this!!
    So much left unaddressed. I need some sort of conclusion or apology!

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