Quote of the Week

Never ever, never ever claim your father-in-law is kinda related to Roderick Thorpe’s ex-wife, you might get owned by an internet ninja…

I know a guy who once had this pool cleaner who’s cousins best friends brother met a dude who knew a guy that married this stripper who cheated on him with a lesbian wrestler who was set to wrestle this other lesbian wrestler but changed and subsequently met a cocaine dealer in an alley in Chicago who had to phone a guy to get the stuff and that guy introduced both of them to this other guy who was friends with the pool cleaner, who’s dad was a businessman in the potato industry and his brother in laws grandpa wrote a book that was passed down to my friend who gave it to me to give to you, it’s called;
Shut the f**k up. Nobody cares about your pathetic claim to fame. – BeauRouillon

Read more: 8 Kick-Ass Movies You Didn’t Know Were Based on Books | Cracked.com http://www.cracked.com/article_15694_8-kick-ass-movies-you-didnt-know-were-based-books.html#ixzz1zxiyADTA

Dude, you just got knocked the fuck out…great now I want to watch Friday


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