Frell Me Dead

Why the frak am I subjecting myself to this dren? What dren you say? Desperate Scousewives! I just spent the previous hour watching Playing it Straight! Sweet Minty Baby Jebus, why?! And the really sad thing – I have saved next week’s PiS on my EPG. Amazing how everyone’s* forehead in DS has no reaction whatsoever, no movement, no veins, no nada. Plus the war paint…wow! Who needs bulletproof vests/glasses/cars, just get some diamonds and peel off their skin and you’re golden. Pyschic chic?! What?! Stop blogging now!


*correction: One dude’s forehead actually works.

I can feel my IQ points lowering by the nanosecond. Oh, lookie there’s bits of brain dripping out my ears


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