What the hell is a Stewie Rah Rah?!

Sounds like a bad cheerleader associated wedgie, or that the apparent billionaire obsession with Lady GaGa…or…err…cheerleading….maybe he likes cheerleaders or was a cheerleader or just likes to cheer or doesn’t exist…

Anyhoo…remember the whole flop that was Alicia Keys’ Digital Death (Dec. 1) campaign for Keep A Child Alive? Well, it’s now over because the aforementioned alleged cheerleader* went all white knight. After the gaffs that Alicia Keys, Swizz Beatz, Usher and two Ks from the Kardashian dynasty of greatness, the Ks being Kim & Khloe…pulled – they resurrected early before schedule, with Usher holding the great honour of doing it mere hours before their salvation & completely blocking it out. I wonder who snuggled up to the cheerleader** or whose brilliant idea it was to cough up the money, then credit a non-existent…err…cheerleader**.

Next time tell your narcissism, arrogance and ego to take a rain check and not to add a $10 minimum. Charity begins at home and not in your PR’s office. Just because you have twitter fans & tweet gems about you being sleepy or hardly ever tweet (Kim & Justin Timberlake respectively) doesn’t mean we hang on your every word. You might be a celebrity, but always remember…it was your fans, who made you, those concerts, singles, albums, merchandise, yada yada yada don’t pay themselves. Now go eat some humble pie…or some air.

*I said alleged, I need to cover my non-billionaire ass.

**Now, it’s getting kinda boring.

UPDATE: Stewart Rahr is a **breathes** pharmaceutical **phew** billionaire. I still like my cheerleader*** angle…

***Now it’s officially DEAD

Who knows, maybe I’ll finally join Twitter…nah…with the random non-PC & damn right terrible things I spew on a daily basis, I would be sued, fined and convicted in no time. I’d be the Ian Hislop of Twitter, tweeting all my comments with every variant of allege.


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