…facing the dodo’s conundrum

That darn psychology experiment. I had to listen to the same 6 songs for six 30 minute sessions. I took a shining to 2 of them & of new the lyrics to all the songs by my third session. I had never heard any of the songs or their respective artists previously, but I’m kinda glad cause I now have more random people to listen to. One of these days I’ll not listen to music, while I blog…Anyhoo, the 6 songs were:

  • Australia – The Shins. Yes, that’s where the title came from. This song’s my new baby, I always play it after Frightened Rabbit’s "Keep Yourself Warm". They just go together. They don’t mention Australia, not even a kangaroo. I finally watched Garden Party & the minute Natalie Portman’s character recommended The Shins, I yelled "I know who they are!"
  • The Boys are too Refined – The Hush Sound. With the killer piano, I had to love it. Plus, the bit in the chorus where the guy goes wooah, always makes me laugh, actually the random dude’s bits are my second fave. The odd bit is I haven’t really listened to it much on my iPod.
  • Gonna Make You Love Me More – Ryan Adams. Love the music, with the guitars, while the lyrics kinda scare me. That "I’ll come to you like a little girl" line really scares me.
  • One Week of Danger – The Virgins. It’s catchy, even though I tried to hate it. Plus, it sounds kinda familiar, I keep thinking Orson’s "No Tomorrow" & some other random dance songs.
  • Mixin’ Up Adjectives – Musically yeah, if not predictable, lyrically I…dislike it, especially "the mixing up adjectives like jealous & sweet".
  • Didi (My Doe Part 2) – The Matches. Another song that musically sounded like another song. Every single time he stuttered, I wanted to kill him.

Since my team & back up team are effing up at the World Cup, I’ve decided to restart my Manager Mode on Fifa 08 (damn Xbox & their stupid ways, the whole making a new profile for Live, lost all my good stuff, what’s the point if you can’t brag to the world…Now, if I could just log back on). I’ve been reintroduced to the randomness that is its playlist. Sweet…Maxïmo Park, k-os, Santogold (now Santigold), Travis, Noisettes, The Automatic, The Hours, Robyn, Tigarah, The Hoosiers etc…I don tire, yes I like to pay attention to who I’m listening to. Oh well, off to eat.

Now, we’ve got Wimbledon, I can’t leave my telly on before I sleep on BBC1 or BBC2 cause when I finally wake up, I’m forced to watch it…till I find my remote….take the painkiller, cycle on your bicycle, leave all this misery behind. Darn it Emma, I still listen to it (Painkiller – Turin Brakes), infact I AM listening to it right now.


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