You know something’s wrong…

…when a Twilight reject, complete with a big ass padlock as a pendent, is giving you a quizzical look for wearing a light cardigan & a beanie at 8pm. It’s kinda chilly & it’s laundry day.
…when Kaita turned a not so bookable offence into a very bookable offence, then "turned into the incredible hulk" (the commentator’s exact words), covering his dumbass face as we walked out of the pitch.
…when you mess up your right ankle, right in front of your local church. I think it’s God’s way of showing He loves me and/or gently reminding me to go to church on Sunday…or else…
…when said mess up occurs exactly 5 minutes after the second half to Greece’s first ever win in World Cup history began, you know your country’s gonna lose.
…when England fans, with all their overzealous and sometimes pretentious support, boo their own team…And then one of them actually breaks into their locker room….And the FA makes an official & rather furious complaint to FIFA.
…when Blatter actually does something right and defends the vuvuzelas…You kiddies, should shut up with the complaints, they are doing you a favour, by distracting you from team’s crappiness.
…that I still find this funny.
…that I really like these shoes…I still won’t be caught dead wearing them.
…when you consistently smell of onions. Damn my love of the stuff.
…when your opening World Cup match falls on June 12. With all the connections to that bastard Babaginda & the canceled elections. RIP Abiola.
…when you don’t want to hear your National anthem, cause it kinda sucks, when presented on a global scale.
…when the Man of the Match is the keeper from the losing team. Kudos to Vincent Enyeama who did it twice, shame about that fumble, but we forgive you.
…when you can blame one person for causing you the World Cup. Now, I finally understand why you guys wanted to kill Becks for that red card, those many years ago.
…when Rory comes back…all plasticky & the true purpose of the Pandorica.

Remember don’t Kaita you life.


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