…Tic Toc Tic, it’s calling you like clockwork…

This was originally going to be titled "Ben Affleck watches Alias on a daily basis" or something much more wittier, I really should start writing stuff down before I type. Yes, I just spent most of my previous week watching Alias (seasons 3-5) on DVD. But, I got sidetracked by the song I was listening to. Jennifer Garner was badass, shame she never went big on the action scene in film. I oddly miss Victor Garber’s big ass ears, whoever did the casting in Alias should be praised, they got awesome actors, who you could believe belonged to the Bristow & Derevko family tree. You do not mess with a Bristow or a Derevko, your ass & other parts may never be found. What happened to Geena Davis? Sorry that too much Family Guy, she should have been big, Cutthroat Island wasn’t that bad. Actually it wasn’t bad, & as much as I enjoy the Pirate of the Carribean films, CI was better…I think?

Anyhoo, now I’m blogging about random stuff again…Lets see…Damn you Microsoft Office 2007! Damn you Windows Update for stealthily downloading an update, that’s now messing up my MSO. Damn you for patching up the MSO.dll loophole, damn you for messing up my reviewing skills, now forced to do everything via WordPad, don’t you know I live on spellcheck. Damn you Live Spaces, for forcing to write this blog on WP, since my internet, keeps freezing every 2 seconds as I type. Damn you Chris, for telling about Goodbody’s, 2 pint milkshakes, all day breakfast, free WiFi. I’m still too chicken to try any of the other lush & probably heart stopping desserts, even I have my limits. Oh & they’ve got 3 pint milkshakes, everything’s huge over there & it’s open 24/7.

Now that’s off my chest, it’s amazing the jobs you quickly sign up for when you’re broke, I’ve been doing a psychology experiment for the past 3 days (my last session is by 2pm today, where I finally get paid), signed up to be a helper at my Uni’s open day…still have another psychology experiment, by the end of today I will earn £21. Now as long as I go straight to the bank & not the cinema or Goodbody’s…**checks cinema listings**…Scratch that, make that £18 in the bank. But still no Goodbody’s & I’m definitely walking back home. The advantage of carrying the exact change, you’re forced to do stuff.

On the reviewing bit, if all goes well & I’m not too distracted, I should have some reviews on the Hachiko on the Terry Pratchett live action serials & maybe Naruto, still in my abstinence period, that ish is too addictive…still worried about that since it means rewatching the whole Shippuden episodes again. Since I’ve rambled enough about nothing in particular, I’m off to get a life.

Finally started learning how to drive…look out world, you’ve just signed your own death warrant.


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