I’ve voted.

Have you? Are you even registered? If not shame on you. Anyhoo, the UK has the weirdest electoral system known to man, well maybe just me. I found it highly strange, that none of the Prime Ministerial candidates appeared, instead you get MP, so you vote for the party you support. Plus, it’s raining like crazy (Plymouth). Well there goes my first ever vote ever. So after all the hung parliament talks, you don’t get to see Brown, Cameron, Clegg or other on your ballot paper. Next time UK make it easier. This ish is confusing, no wonder the Lib Dems are pissed.

It’s been two weird days, first the president of my country OFFICIALLY died yesterday at 2100-ish. Then this weird ass electoral system, looks like the slimy one will be Prime Minister. Plus the UKIP candidate was in a light plane crash. Karma?? **shrugs**

Back to scheduled programming.


2 thoughts on “I’ve voted.

  1. I voted. Mainly to keep said slimy one out of charge, cannot imagine why anyone would willingly vote tory. My housemate voted tory. Well, he would have done if he had known it was polling day or could be arsed to move from in front of the telly – honestly, how could you spend the whole day in front of the telly, and STILL not know it was polling day?Also Dobi, the polling cards are like that – you vote for your local candidate, and the party with the most local candidates elected comes out in charge IF they have the majority of the votes. Isn’t fair though that the MP for a tory place where one rich man and his dog live will count the same as a lib dem or labour place where 5,000 people live in a more crowded city (i.e. only 1 constituency each although the numbers of people voting are vastly different. Therefore – ELECTORAL REFORM! Also, the number of people who voted BNP in Blackpool is scary.

  2. The number of people, who voted BNP are all scary…Yeah, I got that after I wrote this, I’m now quite well versed in British Politics. Now, if they could scrap the House of Lords… or maybe make their asses electable/impeachable, then we’re good.

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