As I lie here on my bed, watching… no listening to Poirot on ITV3, while I read Sahara Reporters. I lie here screaming at my laptop for my country. It’s currently playing [& losing] a game of "Where is Yar’adua?" & "Who hates America now?". Hopefully, we will not feel the dreaded hammer of "The War on Terror". How did he almost get away with it? Why are they (I’ll will not classify ourselves with those bastards, who line their now fat asses) so adamant on not doing work? You’re civil servants, servants to the public, not your pockets, not your mistresses, not you. Enough is Enough.

As for the whole Boko Haram steez, I don tire with the whole irony of it all. Just like the hooked one. If you hate it so much, get out, go live in the wild, be an illiterate. Don’t use God’s name for your own agenda. Shit, the devil’s feeling left out.

I’m too angry to make sense. I’ll just leave you to your few hours of the soon to be last year & yesterday, to a hopefully better tomorrow. Happy New Year.

Might kill off some bad creatures in Fable II:GotY 😛 (I had to gloat)… Or just stick with Love Actually.

Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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