Just a few nagging questions

It’s been a while since I…..calm down, I’m not singing the song…blogged, although I seem to get more hits when I don’t. Anyhoo, here are the nagging questions before I rush to Sainsbury’s for my free 3d glasses.

  1. Why are Google Maps & the city of Plymouth trying to kill me? All roads to Milehouse lead through Central Park. How come everything is on an incline? "You are either going up or coming down…." How many of you have heard me say those exact words?
  2. Why is Rihanna wearing an eye patch in the Wait Your Turn video? Is she Snake Plissken? A scratched cornea? [Sorry too much Friends, damn E4]
  3. Why are the same 20 videos always played on Viva & E4 Music? They wonder why those songs are on the bloody charts? You play them every freaking day, that’s why.
  4. Why is Cheryl Cole wearing that bloody leopard print trousers in her "Fight For This Love" video? I know you’re supposed to stand out from the crowd, but it’s kinda sad when the backup dancers look like they put more effort & you’re in your PJs. It’s kinda funny, some of the dance moves in this video, but that’s another story.
  5. Why do the names, Cheryl Cole & Sheryl Crow, kinda rhyme? I said kinda.
  6. Is Alesha ever gonna rap again? Hey, she singing this ballad right now on Viva. Not my fault.
  7. Who else finds the chorus of N-Dubz’ chorus of "I Need You" funny? "I came so close/You touched my body/You left me standing like a statue/……/I’ve been searching all over facebook". Now, it’s playing on Viva. Yes, I’m a very slow typer.
  8. Why are there so many remakes, sorry, I meant re-imaginings? Seriously, no original ideas left? Although, Morena Baccarin’s blinking & jerks are really awesome in V. Now, please eat the hamster…I always remembered it as a rat.
  9. Why is my neck killing me? Damn you neck!
  10. Will Taio Cruz ever speak Pidgin? Where did this come from? Adetayo Ayowale Onile-Ere, gini bu Taio? How come all mention of his full birthname has disappeared from Wikipedia?

Oh well, that’s it for my blogging this year.


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