The Yogurt Proposition

For crying out loud, if you’re hungry, go eat a meal. A yogurt is not a meal, "feel fuller for longer" my ass. It should be "feel hungrier for your shear stupidity". I am surprised those overzealous parents, who keep campaigning against videogame violence (but still condone movie violence & let children watch rated 18 movies in the cinema, thank God for the British, at least I won’t expect a kid in the cinema, while I’m watching Sin City/Watchmen/Wanted), haven’t campaigned how impressionable kiddies/teens/stupid kids/stupid people/people with low self-esteem/people with yada yada yada will fall easy prey to your fulfilling yogurt?

What brought this yogurt rant? Well, I am currently watching The Long Kiss Goodnight and boom I see this yogurt ad, it didn’t click, then I see it again, then BAM! I go WTF? Are you kidding me? At least, they agreed with the me by using the car analogy, cause the fuel tank was empty.

Anyhoo, I really love this movie, Shane Black’s script cracks me up, shame Geena Davis never became a big action hero star, shame Cutroath Island flopped, I really loved that movie too. Great, now I want to watch Witchblade. Yany Butler kicked ass, shame about the liqour.

Some choice quotes
Man goes "I’m hurt real bad, I think I’m dying", Timothy replies "Continue dying. Out.".
"Suck my dick, everyone of you bastards" – Charlie [Elizabeth] Baltimore
Charlie goes "Honey, only four inches", Timothy replies "Don’t worry, you’ll feel me". Calm down, they are talking about a blade.

Shane Black must be Joss Whedon’s more vulgar older brother. I wouldn’t mind a well-written sequel. And in random news, I’m also a writer on, so far I’ve written two reviews – Naruto Movie 3 & Blood: The Last Vampire (the original anime), with two more scheduled to appear (Naruto Shippuden the Movie 1 &2). At least, I got glorious reviews from Ada. Enjoy my crappy reviews, whenever you can.

Those greedy bastards, who effed up the original Buffy movie, shouldn’t even try making a Buffy movie without Whedon. Officially, the dumbest movie idea of 2009. "I gave him a traditional name, OJ." "WHAT?!"


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