Picture/Caption of the Week

I haven’t been on Sahara Reporters in a while, but this picture & caption had me saying "Oh No You Didn’t". You don’t do this when a camera’s present, why do people leave photographic evidence of their stupidity?

Caption: Nduka
Obaigbena, the publisher of Thisday is many things to many people. But
in this undated photo, a revelation of unimaginable proportion was that
Mr. Obaigbena actually paid Beyonce Knowles $1 million just to take a
peep at her unbuttoned chest.

Men…you can’t kill ’em, return ’em or chuck ’em in the bin…BTW, I passed my dreaded (driving) theory test.

2 thoughts on “Picture/Caption of the Week

  1. Amazing, the girl walks raound like this all the time, the fact you actually believe this story is truly amazing

  2. Ah…Kemi, he obviously didn’t pay her a milli for that! That was for her ThisDay Festival performance. There are so many stealthy [& less leery] ways of sneaking a peek, he should have been extra cautious.

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