Hit the road Cleveland and don’t you come back no more

The Limp Noodle of the week award goes to………The Cleveland Show Pilot, WKOFIT? Usually, I am never really bothered about stereotypes, but with age comes wisdom, and my wisdom’s asking for the 20 or so odd minutes it wasted watching the citizens of Stoolbend. Most of the jokes were drier than dry ice, the stereotypes were off the wall, and the characters were just parodies of Seth McFarlene’s other characters. I predict “Plagiarismo di plagiarismo di plagiarismo” is coming soon to a Simpsons episode near you.What the heck happened to Cleveland, Jr.? I understand obesity can make him slower than usual, but I never expected his voice to follow suit. Geez, I know for a fact that my weight gain from all those Papa John pizzas never slowed down my speech, infact it’s faster than usual now. Oh & someone better retire Cleveland’s laugh immediately.

For Sanaa’s sake, it better improve, Seth McFarlene, step away from your comfort zone and evolve already. Stupid caveman.

Dreaded theory test tomorrow, oh boy. Will try to bribe them with food.


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