Aang…I am not

For some odd reason, I decided to punish myself. I just got myself a harmonica (Simply Harmonica Book & DVD) & the rather difficult act of bending is elluding me. Dude (Steve Williams) said like you’re drinking a rather troublesome milkshake. Coincidentlly, I had a troublesome milkshake today, didn’t really help. My chest is killing me, is this how smokers feel?
NB: For those who don’t know, Aang is the Avatar, the last airbender.

Random observation: For someone who spoke so quietly, like his sister, Michael Jackson sure liked to do some really suggestive – ok, really suggestive is an understatement – dance moves, like his sister. Don’t believe me the crotch grab, followed by the energetic pumps (there’s a gif out there where he’s wearing some gold number); then the thrusts (from the video with his classic black & white combo with a red shirt). He was bigger than Elvis, go to anywhere in the world & you will find a [great, aspiring or downright crap] moonwalker. He transcended generations, made MTV & music videos epic. I always believed that the "This is It" concerts were not going to happen, sad to say, I was right.

Wish me luck, I have to be at Dudley for my 8am theory test, which means I’ve to get the bus by 6am, to be there by 7am. I better ace it. I’m still to chicken, to actually start my driving lessons, sorry. All this for a fifty something minute test.


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