The Boyfriend vs the Xbox

Just read The Girlfriend vs The Xbox!!!, the joys of a gaming reationship. Even though I haven’t seen said boyfriend in years & there’s this little matter of the ocean, a few miles & a different continent. I realised while reading said article, that I would be the boyfriend, you know the one with the gaming addiction, ok not Call of Duty, but definately Saints Row (ok, not SR either, GTA:IV is still my 360 baby). I wouldn’t mind the Xbox Live Gold Membership for  every Val’s day….Take note.

A friend once told me how I ignored/embarassed some poor dude, who came to visit/chat/break bread/whatever they call it. Here I was getting my crazy on playing Splinter Cell on PC. Ahh, those gloriuos days when my old laptop was brand new without that black screen of death. When all of a sudden some random knocks disturb my concentration, by then I’m already pissed. The poor guy says something, my mind’s elsewhere, I reply "No. I’m playing a game" & I shut the door on him. I can’t really remember my exact words, but it was something to that effect. I’m very sure about the "No" though. Anyhoo, he never came back.

It’s sad, I own 3 PSP games & no PSP. Thanks bro, for lending me yours. Finished GOW:CoO in 6 hours, 24 mins. Would have done it quicker, if I didn’t waste all that time on pausing, getting every single orbs/feathers/eyes & getting lost*.
*It’s amazing how stupid I get while playing a game – e.g I spent a good 20 mins wondering around when I got back to the East (?) Horse section, before realised I was supposed to break the bloody statue! Before that, in same section, it took 10mins before I noticed the damn cavity!

I, scratch that, everyone feels sorry for my future kids, Mama’s gonna knock you out. I wonder what my first article is going to be on?? I’m still estactic & scared shitless.


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