bond Live at the Bullring

This is my second attempt at this post, Firefox just went gaga on me & crashed, so I’ve to remember all my snappy jokes & remarks, I’ll probably just make new ones.
"The original all female string quartet", cheeky aren’t they? I was fortunate enough to catch two of their 3 performances yesterday at the Bullring, the first at noon & the third at 5pm (I missed the second at 3pm). Why? I was uploading the first performance on YouTube, my new impulsive buy, the FlipUltra, came in handy. It might have the smallest screen known to man, but it’s fantastic once you plug it to your telly or computer, I wish I had a steadier right hand or the FlipUltra HD. Plus I thought they’d do different encores, I really wanted to hear Scorchio, Fuego, Shine, & Gypsy Rhapsody live. bond have got to be the most energetic, manic, crazy ass non-singing group of all time, especially Gay-Yee Westerhoff* & Eos Chater. *There were times where she was looking dead at me with some smoldering action/crazy, I was praying there was some hot dude behind me with a camera, I was that scared. I chuckled when some random teen (5pm performance) said he "would hit the 2nd on the left", my brain responded "You won’t last 30s".

Anyhoo, here are the 7 pieces (for the purists, songs) they played, exact order (12pm):

Karl Jenkins’ Palladio I, Allegretto
They were just being cheeky with this. Some random dude actually uploaded a crappier version of my own video. Copyright infringement? Whouda thunk?

Antonio Vivaldi’s Spring
The cars are there for a reason. Peugeot hired bond to promote the new 308CC.

Antonio Vivaldi’s Summer
Yes, I know we’re in actual Summer, but today’s (& even yesterday’s) weather don’t think so

Antonio Vivaldi’s Autumn
Short & sweet.

Antonio Vivaldi’s Winter
**In my best Cedric the Entertainer’s voice** C’mon girl, just shake that booty. Random dude strikes again with a shoddy copy of my own shoddy work.

Explosive by bond
I was really chuffed, yes that’s my actual voice. It’s the sound of my own weird ass recorded voice that makes me hate technology. It sounds so much better in my ears. Update: Random dude struck again, I wonder if we’s going to give all 7 videos the jackery treatment?

Samba by bond
They are really a joy to watch. For roughly 20mins, the Bullring was treated to the sights & sounds of bond. It was awesome, the Lower East Mall was crowded, while people kept watching from the two top floors. They definately entertained us & we were truly entertained. The first performance was the best performance cause all their gimmicks (lets be frank, the pouts, winks, screams at almost the exact moments, the eyes, the faux duels, which I really enjoyed, the hair flicks, the booty shakes, which I found a tad bit funny (all my fellow Nigerians & other Africans know why), were all gimmicks) felt fresh, the first time around. Shame, I never saw the original first violinist, Haylie Ecker, in LIVE action, apparently she’s as crazy as Gay-Yee & Eos. But the new first violinist*, Elspeth Hanson, loves a good wink or three. Tania Davis, you were awesome as well.

*Tania played the first violin, while Elspeth played the viola, they swapped, so is Tania now the official first violinist or what?

To the dude who was behind me at the 5pm performance, my head is not your tripod! And finally nice shoes, I can’t believe I just said that. Their feet must have been suffering a rather slow & painful death, now that’s more like me.


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