The delectable James Gray

Aww…you gotta love the recession. With the MPs’ expenses scandal (KitKat, Porn, Duck Mansion, the ever changing/elusive second home, it gets weirder by the second). I have always said every government is corrupt, just that some do their work [& steal], while others just steal.

Anyhoo, on to the delectable Mr. Gray. He’s a Conservative MP, with a lil’ knack for Foollipism (for the uninformed that’s Prince Phillip-ism), I just had to congratulate him on his sheer stupidity & lack of common sense. Thanks to Friday’s episode of Have I Got News for You, I discovered his lovable ass. The whole cheating on his breast cancer-stricken wife was so romantic, I had to Wikipedia him. Yes, it’s rather sad that my main source of News is HIGNFY, but  I can’t help it. It being the fact that I no longer use the bus or train regularly to Uni & I can’t be assed to go to the train station every morning to get the Metro paper & that I only watch the news after Doctor Who/HIGNFY/the occasional Wossy/whatever it is I occasionally watch telly for, since I can’t be assed to switch off the Telly, due to the simple fact that it didn’t come with a remote. But I digress.

Back to scheduled programming. On Wiki, I read about the Afghanistan Incident, full details here (the short version is he took photos of a dying soilder). He tried to claim for a Remembrance Sunday wreath. Apparently, he has gotten away with it before. You gotta love this lovable rascal. It’s amazing how these civil servants forget who pays their salaries. God bless selective amnesia.

"We all make mistakes from time to time, but every moment I’m awake, I’m making mine." – chorus of "Make Mistakes" by Infedals. Don’t you just love his smile?

Plus, I find it a tad bit weird that I’m eligible to vote for EU
concerns, while I’m neither British or European, but apparently I’m
allowed since we (Nigerians) were colonised by the British. You learn something new everyday.


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