Goodbye My Outer Orbit Baby

This was going to initially be “RIP American Telly: The Sequel” under the “WKOFIT?” category, but I’m too tired to rant, so I’m gonna leave you with a list instead. I’ll have my rant later. The 2008-2009 schedule has more or less ended, so here are the shows that not going to see the 2009/2010 tunnel. NB: I’m only concered about scripted shows, no reality telly crap.New Shows
Crusoe (NBC)
Cupid (ABC) – So good, they cancelled it twice.
Do Not Disturb (FOX)
Easy Money (CW) – Part of MRC & CW’s Sunday debacle.
Eleventh Hour (CBS) **Sniff**

The Ex-List (CBS)
Harper’s Island (CBS) – Apparently, it was only for a season. **To watch later on my laptop-sniff**

In the Motherhood (ABC)
Kath & Kim – Just say no to remakes
Kings (NBC)
Knight Rider (NBC)
Life on Mars (ABC) – Next time just air the original.
My Own Worst Enemy (NBC)
Privilaged (CW)
Sit Down, Shut Up (FOX) **Sniff** Yes I “said” sniff
The Unusuals (ABC) **Sniff**
Valentine (CW) – Part of MRC & CW’s Sunday debacle. **Sniff**
Worst Week (CBS)

Sophmore Shows
Dirty Sexy Money (ABC) – Ada (not me-o) is in tears.
Eli Stone (ABC) – The critics & fans are pissed.
Life (NBC)
Lipstick Jungle (NBC)
Pushing Daisies (ABC) – Everyone knows this is what got ABC on my hitlist in the first place. **Mega-Sniff, All out crying**
Reaper (CW) – The creators inked a new deal with FOX for another show, while Sock is lead for another show. It was inevitable. **Sniff**
Samantha Who (ABC) – I can’t believe it, ABC’s on my hitlist. **Sniff**
Terinator Sarah Connor Chronicles (FOX) – Wasn’t a ratings darling, but it was a good show. **Sniff**

Ancient Shows
According to Jim(ABC) – Christmas finally came early for a lot of other people.
Boston Legal (ABC)
ER (NBC) – One of the 2 shows to cancel on it’s own terms.
Everybody Hates Chris (CW) – The other show to cancel on it’s own terms, Chris Rock, you beat CW. Go you. **Sniff**
The Game (CW) – I’m surprised it lasted that long, since it’s far more superior parent show, Girlfriends, was cut rather abruptly. **Sniff**
King of the Hill (FOX)
Medium (NBC) – Moving to CBS **Sniff-Yay!**
My Name is Earl (NBC)
Prison Break (FOX)
The Unit (CBS)
Without a Trace (CBS) **Irregular-Sniff**

Proposed Shows
Valley Girls – The Gossip Girl spin-off is DOA. Not Dead or Alive stupid, Dead on Arrival.

If your wondering about the title, it’s by the 139 Street Quartet as George Jetson’s quartet, here’s a list of Barbershop TV appearances. For the life of me I can’t remember the name of the actual episode [of The Jetsons]. You’ve gotta love Bones, the only scripted show to be renewed for 2 seasons.


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