Free Comic Book Day Results

My first ever FCBD was not bad, I got 5 comics from my locals. 1 from Forbidden Planet and 4 from Nostalgia & Comics. Let me break it down for you –

  • Bongo’s Free for All (from FP): This was out of love, Obiora you owe me, you owe me Wolverine dude, I gave up Wolverine cause of you. It was in my hand! Damn FP’s one comic policy, they still had all the comics left. Oh well, I got a free Drag Me to Hell poster.
  • Now I’m officially in love with N&C’s policy, you were allowed one of each! Plus they had chocolate & lollipops, they were even hosting a costume competition and they had fan art. Plus, I got a free figurine decoder thingy. Unfortunately I missed out on the whole lot, didn’t go as early as planned, infact I went a hour & half before closing. Anyhoo, here are the other comics.
  • The Avengers: I know I only really read X-Men, but I like to keep tabs on the others (Spidey is one of my faves). Imagine my shock, Norman Osborn aka Green Goblin’s now Iron Patriot (basically an Iron Man rip off), Venom’s now Spider-Man, Bullseye’s Hawkeye, Moonstone’s Ms. Marvel, Daken’s Wolverine, then there’s Ares, Captain Marvel & The Sentry. Plus, all these baddies are government sanctioned! Don’t worry folks the good guys are still the good guys (not according to the government though). BTW, this was the only FCBD comic left, yes people, the other 3 comics are actually real sellable issues.
  • Dark Reign: The Mighty Avengers #21: Earth’s Mightiest Part 1 of 3
  • DC Universe 0: The Ending Begins Here: I don’t read DC, but it’s by Grant Morrison & Geoff Johns.
  • Secret Invasion #7 of 8

So I let my inner geek/nerd freak fly & got some randoms, hey there were cheap & in a pack of 6.
Batch 1

  • Shekhar Kapur’s Devi #1. I always wanted to read this. Shame about Virgin Comics.
  • The Armory Wars #3 of 5: The Second Stage Turbine Blade: Part III
  • The Armory Wars #4 of 5: The Second Stage Turbine Blade: Part IV
  • Project Superpowers: The Death-Defying Devil & The Flame #2
  • War is Hell #1 of 5: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle
  • Casey Blue: Beyond Tomorrow #2. I just opened it now, & was intrigued by the main character covered in blood.

Batch 2

  • Chuck #2 of 6: I didn’t even know they did comics.
  • The Secret History of the Authority: Hawksmoor #4 of 6
  • Youngblood #4
  • Pax Romana #2 of 4: I, Constantine
  • Michael Turner’s Soulfire: Shadow Magic #0
  • Back to Brookyln #2 of 5

If anyone’s interested in buying, I wouldn’t mind selling, just choose wisely.

I want ice-cream! Yes, I’ve got issues. No pun intended.


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