Free Comic Book Day

How the heck didn’t I know about this?! It’s been going on for 6 years (mostly in America, also in 30 other countries). I only found out about this from eBay, while I was looking for the 1st Print #1-5 of Kick-Ass. I would be lovely if both my local comic book stores are doing this*. For those who dont know, FCBD happens once a year, on the first Saturday of May. For more details, click here.

Yes, I’ve joined the Kick-Ass & single comic issues bandwagon, I got my first issue/Kick-Ass #6 today at my local Forbidden Planet. I also got my monthly Essential X-Men, since I’m still in my reading drought, imagine my shock seeing Cassandra Nova & Emma Frost chatting during my obligatory flip through. All I know is when the drought’s over, I’ll be reading my unread 20 or so odd novels & comics. I just keep buying ’em, my summer will consist of reading Lee Child, Eoin Colfer, Patricia Cornwell, David Gibbons, James Patterson, Terry Pratchett & other random people.

*Darn it, they aren’t. Looks like I’m off to Coventry. For international FCBD stores, click here. It’s official, I’m pissed the Forbidden Planet in London’s doing it, but my local (Birmingham**) isn’t.
**I find it rather funny that Forbidden Planet’s website always forget to list my local FP store, which is less than 5mins away from me, but they always list Nostalgia & Comics, which is a good 10-20 mins away, plus it doesn’t list the Birmingham store at all on the site. Curiouser, Curiouser.

I’m off to eat. Food, oh glorious food.


Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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