Dollhouse – A New Hope?

I doubt there will be a season 2, but if FOX decides to pull a Tru Calling/Terminator: TSCC, I won’t mind. This might be a long post, you’ve been warned. I enjoyed the whole non-linear approach to the story, Dollhouse works more as an ensemble. Thank God, they finally discovered that.
Awesome scenes

  • “You must maintain the illusion” – November [as Mellie as November with a message]: The whole message scene with the makeout session/music cue/transition to a doll with a message, then back again to an Active. Mellie is slowly becoming my fave doll (watch out Sierra), Miracle Laurie is very good with transitions, the killer flower scene still gets me, it’s all in the eyes.
  • “Catherine, mistress of the dark observation” – “Roger” (Victor): The Adelle DeWitt story arc was awesome! She has so many layers, it’s [onion] scary. The whole Roger deal was very very ironic, this quote sums it up – “I am not suggesting you become a client, [pause] I think the universe will collapse under that one”. So DeWitt is Ms. Lonely Hearts, she’s sleeping with the merchandise, she’s ice cold & actually has a heart. The fencing scene was awesome, no white clothing & gear in site. I smell millitay training, for crying out loud woman, you just got shot! Saddest. Client. Ever.
  • The NSA file. Best. Acetate. Ever.
  • Dominic go [semi] bye-bye. Viva la Attic. I actually enjoyed the fact that the NSA actually want to keep the Dollhouse in line. Although, I still think there’s another spy, cause there are still  unanswered questions.
  • Train scene: NSA meets body double. C’mon, how did Sierra know exactly what to wear? Plus Sierra has stronger features & seems taller compared to her double. I still enjoyed the NSA scenes, I want that phone, the eye copying phone. “Mossad doesn’t even double tag” – Sierra as super spyhunter.
  • Valerie Cruz: I miss Dresden.
  • “I make a cheerleader, they make a cheerleader that shoots people, or an assassin that does cheers” – Topher

Although, there’re are still some issues

  • Echo: Is she really helping the dollhouse? Herself? Both? No offense, but if I owned a multi-billion dollar operation & I don’t want self aware dolls aka an Alpha incident. I’d snuff out any inkling of self awareness ASAP. After Echo had volunteered herself to the chair & solved my spy problem. She’d be sleeping with the fishes. C’mon, she’s Alpha 2.0. I’m running a buisness, not a trial & error scheme.
  • Spy: There’s gotta be another spy, Dominic is not that versed in computer myth, plus how did “November” know they had been compromised?
  • Ass: How come November is the only doll with an ass? It was really sad seeing Dushku in the dominatrix outfit, all assless.
  • Will there be another season?

Since episode 6, Dollhouse has actually delivered & I find myself watching it because I care instead of out of sci-fi/Whedon loyalty & pity. The last two episodes hold the honour of me rewatching them without skipping. I’m going to miss Boyd as Echo’s handler, the scene, were she gets a new handler, was kinda heart breaking.

Now, I’m off to watch Finding Nemo, then it’s the Doctor, then it’s my Process Design logbook. Whoop, whoop! Tennanty Goodness is in the building.


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