The body of the Italian Assassin?

The Assassin’s Creed 2 treasure hunt continues. Would have done this yesterday, after the e-mail, but Mobiola & my phone decided to start divorce proceedings. Fortunately, they’ve settled out of court, so here’s partition VQHSBEF.

This time, I held the paper with my left hand at arm’s length, my right hand holding the phone, with my right big toe on the PRTSC, with my first [successful] picture being, his groin. All the while doing this on my bed, with my laptop propped on my chair. Now my back is killing me.

Who knows, maybe I’ll finally clear my table & use the chair the way it was intended. BTW, damn you ITV, damn you, you stupid bastards, you really are that stupid. I’ve to wait till next week to watch Pushing Daisies. Damn you, for its stupid timing. Doctor Who’s tomorrow!


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