The hand of the Italian Assassin?

It’s common knowledge I’ve never owned a webcam, but thanks to the Mobiola WebCamera 3 software I installed on my 6220 Classi, I’m now the pround owner of a wireless webcam. The things I do for Assassin’s Creed, anyhoo here’s a picture of the first partition, EFBUI*. That’s definately NOT Altair’s hand.

*Funny story, I had to hold the bleeding phone at arm’s length for Ubisoft to validate the whole thing. After the whole validation crap, you still have to keep a steady hand on the picture to see the damn thing. So I propped it on  the arm of my chair, steadily held the phone with my left hand, while my right big toe was on the CTRL button, with my right index finger on the PRTSC. And MSN crops the whole picture…

I mourn for Fossil Fuel.

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