Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Just rewatched it, the unfortunate few, who know me know I love animation, the Disneys (but I always draw the line at the sequels), the Pixars, the Dreamworks[es] (yes people, even Shark Tale, Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas), the [sometimes questionable] Warner Bros[es] (yes people, Quest for Camelot, Thumbelina) and even the rather downright shoddy ones (Happily N’Ever After & co).

Anyhoo, I love FF:TSW, even though I can’t stand the FF series (the whole turn based moves thing frustrates me). Can’t remember, where & when I first watched it (TV? 2002?), but I’ve always been a big advocate of the movie. It’s been almost 8 years since it’s initial release, but it’s still awesome with it’s visuals. I can’t imagine watching this on Blu-Ray with a HD TV, c’mon, it looks this gorgeous on my laptop & LCD telly/monitor, with my old 2-disc DVD Edition. It’s a shame I never got to watch this in the cinema. It’s by no means perfect (8/10), but the voice acting is top notch, there’s the genuinely misundertood villain, Aki Ross & her 60,000 individually animated & rendered hair, and some serious animated eye candy (Ving Rhames’ Ryan Whittaker, yes Em, I’m still in that stage, even animated characters are not safe). I believe it deserved better, c’mon, lets be frank, it looks better than Beowulf, even though it’s older. Who knows, it might even get Blade Runner’s cult status (I really don’t need fanboy action, so just buzz off).

When photorealistic rendered 3D animated films become the norm, this film will be considered a very good start. Yes people, I actually enjoy the story, thanks to my uncanning ability to suspend my disbelief, whenever I’m watching a feature. C’mon, how would you explain how Bugs Bunny defies gravity (eg High Diving Hare), Daffy Duck’s highly entertaining beak (eg Rabbit Seasoning), action movies (eg The Die Hard franchise) & many more. Just "release your inhibitions" & enjoy it.

You’re allowed to ignore what I’ve just said, since I love Cutthroat Island, Waterworld & anything that has Patrick Warbutton’s voice on it.Oh & thanks to my mummy & daddy for always getting those Disney features, I’ll leave you with this random info – A friend of mine, Sunny, had never watched a Disney feature till I [& Najma] made her watch one her watch one in 2005, Hercules I think? She kept complaining about the singing.


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