An oldie, but a goodie

This is almost (I think*) 3 years old, Imogen Heap is an excellent looper. Apparently, I’m not the only one who hears [melodic] voices in my head. Now if only I could just afford that equipment & know how to use it. Who am I kidding? Fruity Loops is hard enough.        
*It was performed on 9/3/06, but I’m not sure if it’s the American dating system or the normal dating system, could be Sept. 3rd or March 9th. Probably the former, since it’s an American radio station (Studio 11, Indie 103.1FM).

I wish I knew how to express myself via music, the idea is there, but my delivery sucks. This blog looks better on Firefox, oh well.

Update:Amazing, the video has been up there for two years, the minute I save & rate it (as a fav on my youtube), share it on my facebook page & blog about it, they delete it. Ouch. Thank God for DownloadHelper. Ha!

Update 2: It’s still there,  I made a mistake, marked the other one (same video, different uploader), which had been taken off, will change embed.


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