RIP American Telly

**Sniff Sniff** I’m still reeling over the loss of Pushing Daisies & The Middleman. I only just discovered TM on Friday, watched the whole 12 episodes during the weekend & I’m now patiently waiting for the graphic novel series finale. I know it’s been almost year since my last AT rant, but I just had to. ABC cancelled PD, **In my best Fred Durst voice** whhhyyyy?! No more Ned, no more Olive Snook, no more Emrson Cod, no more Charlotte "Chuck" Charles, gosh American telly is one chuck down, no more narrator. **Sniffs** For once it’s good to live in the UK, will be watching the last 3 episodes on ITV1 (episode 11’s on April 10, 23:35, unless they change the time, ITV has issues). Will also miss Valentine, I enjoyed the premise, ok to be sincere, I’ve a big thing for the Greek mythology, it’s like the thing I’ve for Sci-Fi/Fantasy, comics, supernatural (escpecially vampires) & video game violence (especially beat ’em ups & hack & slash).
TM was awesome, damn you ABC Family. It was quirky, witty, geeky, & just my type of program. No more Wendy, no more Ida, no more Middleman, no more interesting subtitles. Oh well, I will cry for it later, while I wait for the DVD.

News Flash: ABC has been infected with the FOX virus.


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