American Telly: Rump Steak/Limp Noodle

Well this my new category, where I pit two shows against each other. If they lived up to their expectations or crashed. Today’s shows are Dollhouse & United States of Tara.
Rump Steak: United States of Tara, it just gets better every minute.
Limp Noodle: Dollhouse, I’m slowly losing my faith in Joss Whedon, although it’s gotten a bit better (“Man on the Street” was a big improvement).Premise
USoT: A family coping with its matriach’s DID (dissociative identity disorder).
DH: I really am too lazy to type it out. The premise is good on paper, but it’s delivery is wanting. Although, I’m still going to watch it out of Whedon loyalty.

USoT: Created by Diablo Cody [from an idea by Steven Spielberg], we expected quirky & witty dialogue & mannerisms, some craziness. We sure as hell got them.
DH: Created by Joss Whedon, we expected witty diaglogue, action, some metaphors on life. We get the ocassional wit from Topher, the douche, you love to hate. Ok, the porn joke in “Man on the Street” had me in fits. Err…we got a metaphor with the kick-boxing scene in the pilot. I’m still peeved with the motorcycle scene in the pilot, I always skip it. The action comes & goes, but I really think they should consider more drama. I might be an action fiend, but a good drama can kick ass. It could be a whole lot better. Maybe, Whedon should consider making it a comic or even an animated series.

Breakout star
USoT: Tara Gregson’s alters (Toni Collette). Whenever Tara transistions, you believe it. I love how she potrays Tara & her alters (Buck, Alice, T & Gimmy). If she doesn’t win an award, I’ll send Kratos to their asses. Plus, the theme song’s ace.
DH: Sierra (Dichen Lachman), Joss really needs to stop praising Eliza Dushku & really needs to focus more on Lachman. C’mon she schooled Dushku by essentially playing the same character in “Gray Hour”.

Whedon, if you’re lucky enough to get a second season, take a leaf out of USoT’s book, get Dushku to lose her inhabitions, I’ll give her some credit for playing broken Echo in “Gray Hour”, but she could do better. She really needs to make it believable. Plus, we need some good reasons to hire an Active in the first place. The whole midwife scenario was really silly.

I want my Eureka! Off to watch The Ladies No. 1 Detective Agency, forgot to watch it again, darnit!


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