When I’m Through With You, There Won’t Be Anything Left

Anybody with FX, BBC One & a decent internet connection, should know this lyric from The VLA’s song, "When I’m Through With You", which is the theme song of Damages. Anyhoo, I try to ignore social commentary and serious discussions on my blog, but this whole incident is filled with hearsay & my curiousity’s on overdrive. Unfortunately, since I know myself & my rather poor excuse at typing, I’m probably going to make a mess of this. You’ve been warned.

If you’re wondering what I’m on about, it’s the whole Christopher Maurice Brown & Robyn Rihanna Fenty incident. I don’t know who or what gossip/news content, I should believe. Let’s see Bossip, says she started it, Necole Bitchie’s giving level headed commentary, while the lovely Miss Janice aka Mad News, is pondering & dreaming about her Jim Jim. While the rest of the media world is on Breezy, looking for blood.

First of all, there are too many contradictions in this story, there’s the jump off’s call, the jump off’s text, they’ve already broken up, but label says pretend story, Keisha Chante in the car story err…it was a Lamborghini, not a Ford Focus. But they all start with an argument, that leads to a parked car, which in turn leads to a continuation of the argument outside said car, then the beat down & Brown leaving the scene. I believe NB’s assumption of the label pushing the two together & helping Brown leave the scene. I also believe in the chicken pox in an undergound American Government facility, but I digress.

I’m not an authorative figure in domestic abuse, since I never experienced it, so who am I to pass judgement, however I would be able to give an unbiased comment about it. Thank God for my level headed parents. In domestic violence, the default devil is always the man. However, women too also do it, which makes it even harder for the male victim to prove, unless the female is built like Arnie in his hey day. People tend to forget about those, who cry wolf. I do not condone DV from either sex, if you know your partner has a rage button, DO NOT PUSH IT. If you know you have a probelm, sort it out. Men, with the hulk complex, do boxing, play a video game, go to counselling, get help. Women, with the Bunny Boiler Effect, go to counselling, look for more legal ways to get over the crazy, play a video game, get help.

What really happened? Did RiRi lose it, then throw the first punch? Or did Breezy get sick & tired of the verbal abuse & decided to go to the "Silence! I kill you" route? I hear bite marks, bloody lip, contusions, broken nose, horrific, swollen eyes, deadly weapon. All you meanies, stop with the forehead jokes. I want pictures of both paticipants. Where is the mugshot? Overzealous hospital orderlies’ pictures (sorry I watched Dirt)? I’m surprised, not a single pap had pictures (Dirt again & the addiction the paps have with RiRi).

Everywhere I look, I see Breezy’s career dead & RiRi as the Next Top Matyr. Calm down people, if it really happened like that so be it. I am trying to play Devil’s Advocate¬† and failing terribly. It really puts the above title into prespective. In Brown’s case, the more immediate result of his creativity on Fenty’s face. While in Fenty’s case, what she will do to his career & his life. Oh & Breezy’s stepfather should hush up, since he’s apparently Ike Turner’s child, so if the young’n took up martial arts, to defend his mother from him, then I only expect beef from him.

I know, I’ve missed out the more important points that were floating in my head. But I’m not going to pass judgement on this, till I get the full truth/scoop. If His Royal Chesterliciousness, R. Kelly, could get away with underage sex, even though, he had a sextape & married an underage Aaliyah. Life is indeed stranger than fiction. Only time will tell.


1 thought on “When I’m Through With You, There Won’t Be Anything Left

  1. I want cold hard facts before I post anything more on Rihanna and Chris. Its getting ridiculous. Every day its something new. A ‘source’ said this a ‘source’ said that. Just give me cold hard facts!

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