As we’re approaching the end of the first month of ’09, I thought it would be a good idea to advertise my singer friend, Adaeze. Hey, I’m doing my civic duty. Anyhoo, she’s the blue chic on my youtube video player (above), that’s my rather terrible excuse of a video I made with Movie Maker. The song’s called "I Don Kpai". Oh well, enjoy some nice Nigerian R&B. For those who suck at pidgin, it means I’ve died, a bit melodramatic, ain’t it?
Sidebar: You might have a probelm, if you’re using Firefox with No Script, you’d need to do an unsafe reload, something about XSS, so here’s the direct link.
A normal person would give a review or something, but I’m not that normal, all I’m going to say that the song is lovely. Plus the reviews from facebook were good.

Now, I’m going to use all my non-existant will power to stop myself from getting 2 Sausage, Cheese & Egg Bagels. Damn you Annice, for getting me my first Bacon, Cheese & Egg Bagel. Damn you McDonald’s for all that Sulphur in the sausage patty. Damn you the Academy, for not nominating Summer Bishil for Towelhead. Damn the Academy, for those rules that made Towelhead ineligble. Damn you Alan Ball, for not hustling for a wide release (ok, you get a pass). Now I’ve lost the plot. Bring on Feburary with Dollhouse & the UK release of "The Good The Bad The Weird" (It was awesome!)


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