Steve Jobs should be impaled with his own turtleneck.

Yes, iTunes is acting like a bitch again. "This application has failed to start because 3ivx.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this probelm." – This is also the reason why I’ve never been able to use Quicktime in over a year, although I’ve never felt the sting since I use VLC (but I still feel the sting since I can’t watch certain videos on my ipod & itunes, although I haven’t used my ipod in over a year, since that glitch [yes people, I’m still updating my itunes manually]). 3ivx.dll strikes again. Plus during one of my few (hey I’m really lazy) updating sessions, I cracked the screen of my ipod, meaning i need to get a new one! Oh well, here’s to the recession, sales & the 10% discount I’ll get for recycling this shitfest, whenever I decide to go back to those geniuses. BTW, if I buy it from Apple, it would be my 3rd ipod & my first official iPod purchase from Apple.

Gosh, I really need to learn the art of coherency.


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