Songs you loved as a kid….

….that you shouldn’t have. Won’t be surprised if I’ve blogged about this before, but I remember it as one of my numerous facebook statuses. Anyhoo, watched 2 Become 1 on E4, a few hours ago & I remembered a conversation I had with a friend, Adaeze (aka Agbaya) about The Spice Girls. Yes people yours truly was a big Spice fan, I even had their merchandise (a pendent, a purse & their videogame, yes people on the Playstation (nka PS One)). Anyhoo, she asked if I thought they were virgins, I naively said "Yes". Then she said "No", then asked who out of the 5, did I really think was a virgin, I said "Baby Spice & maybe Sporty". Present me is laughing her ass off.
Well on to the original topic, the one song that always makes me cringe, whenever remember my younger self singing out loud with all my little heart, Last Night by AZ-Yet. Everytime I hear the words "Last night, I was inside of you", I just cringe, every single time.
Bump & Grind by R. Kelly – Oh this is so wrong, very very wrong, with Kells’ issues and the fact that woman (formerlly known as the 13 year old) is only a year older than me. "I don’t see nothing wrong with a little bump & grind", there is a probelm when she is underage.
In other music related randomness, I know everybody wants to be original, e.g Janelle Monae and her KFC suits & brillant songs, but sometimes it just gets ridiculous, e.g Oh by We Have Band, the song was weird, the cheap ass & weird ass video, the cheap & weird ass choreography it got a bit catchy after a minute, but I think that’s due to my warped sense of humour.
And finally, in another music related randomness, I created the male version of Single Ladies (okay only the chorus & I got it from a The Fly Guy Chronicles blog title), here it goes:
I only liked it, so I didn’t put a ring on it
I only liked it, so I didn’t put a ring on it
Now shut up, so I can get my lean on it
Now shut up, so I can get my lean on it
Now, if I could only remix the rest of the lyrics.
Safe journey to my family back home, on their way to our village today. Damn you Home Office, for the delays, have to do this crap all over again & I didn’t go home, DAMN YOU.

Mmm...chocolate! Whoops, leave a message...BEEP!

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