Films I’ve watched in the past week

Seven Pounds, Ghost Town, Towelhead (aka Nothing Is Private), Vicky Christina Barcelona, Internet Dating, The Gene Generation & Cyborg Girl (aka Cryborg She aka Boku no kanojo wa saibôgu).
Seven Pounds – Was a bit slow, but not that bad. Although I don’t expect any awards for Smith, calm down people I’m not a critic + I really don’t know much about acting, but Will Smith just looked pissed off. I enjoyed the mushiness of the ending.

Ghost Town – Enjoyed it, Ricky Gervais, annoying ghosts, the light, & that bloody bus. It was like watching Melinda Gordon as a sarcastic, annoying & surprisingly likable English dentist.

Towelhead – B.R.I.L.L.A.N.T. Although it took hours to watch, I kept pausing cause of those oh so many awkward moments. Summer Bishil deserves a nomination, I mean a serious one, you know those big ones, she certainly held her own against Aaron Eckhart.

Vicky Christina Barcelona – I didn’t know Javier Bardem was hot (hmm, I sound 12), I’ve only seen him in No Country For Old Men, people be warned, he is smoldering. Penelope Cruz was brillant as his crazy ex-wife. I really liked the ending- full circle, made me rewatch Scoop (hmm…Hugh Jackman….yes Em, I’m still in the evry dude on telly is scrumptious phase). As for the movie itself, I enjoyed it, especially Cruz’s breakdown following the end of her three-lationship (Javier, herself & Scarlet Johanssen).
The last three deserve a special category – Films, I’ve watched in the last 12 hours – for the simple fact that the first two (Internet Dating & Gene Generation) confused me, ID was all over the place, there were genuinely funny scenes, c’mon it was Katt Williams, while Cyborg Girl didn’t, even though it had a time paradox in it.
Anyhoo, ID was written by Romeo Miller (pka Lil’ Romeo) & directed by Master P (aka Percy Miller, RM’s father). Master P’s character (Katt’s character’s cousin) didn’t make sense, initially it did, but it spiralled. Romeo, please go to writing school, please.
TGG, was confusing for like 5mins, till I googled it, then got carried away by the original comic, The DNA Chronicles. Plus the sex scene scared me, I kept screaming "Please don’t show Bai Ling’s nipples, please don’t, I beg of you, please don’t", then they showed IT (not them, IT). Oh well the movie wasn’t that bad (hey I love a Z-list action movie, but don’t you dare try to make me watch a Z-list rom-com), it could have been better.

Finally, Cyborg Girl was lovely, I’m a big sucker for Asian rom-coms, plus this was a sci-fi romantic comedy, basically it was The Terminator as a romantic comedy. From the lovely director, who gave us My Sassy Girl (the original, not the American remake). Haruka Ayase was super cute & very robotic, while Keisuke Koide was your typical Asian rom-com lead, you know cute/ordinary/very very likable.

About to watch The Good, The Bad, The Weird (aka Joheunnom nabbeunnom isanghannom), God bless the internet. If it’s as a good as everyone says, then I will watch it again in the cinemas, when it is released (Feb 6, 2009. UK).

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