Eternal Death

Calm down people, I don’t mean that death, I mean the other one, videogame death. Ever played a game, where your character has been killed & instead of restarting at the latest checkpoint, you continue dying. Just happened to me on Sunday, was playing Beyond Good & Evil on the PS2, & Jade got zapped by the surveillance thingy. Was funny, since I had the vibration on, it just kept on going & going [like the Engerizer Bunny], I finally wisened up after 10mins. All this time, Jade was doing the slow mo death scene, yup, that mid-air circlar thing she does when she dies, with the camera rotating, giving different angles of her death.

For those really curious ones, this was during the Alpha Section Und. Quarters section (after the IRIS/Factory Mission), after i had dodged all those lasers, got down to the proper basement, was behind the blue energy barrier, all stealthy-like, trying to snick under it, when the surveillance drone caught me.

Oh well…..I’m off to die again, wish me luck.


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